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Nothing was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
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"Nothing" can be found on the POH loading screen.

Nothing was something that can be examined while in a player-owned house, in the Dorgeshuun Goblin Cave, or in Daemonheim. When examined, it states, "There's nothing there," or, "An eye-wrenching nexus of utter negation!" It was most likely there due to technical reasons which cannot be removed.

Just like most other Construction glitches, this small glitch is completely harmless and does not really affect anyone in any way. Also, in the Workshop, nothing can be built, but this will bring up the repair benches' building screen, this is most likely because the "nothing" is the space where the repair bench stool is when a repair bench is built.


  • Nothing can be found in various places in the Skill Hall, mainly around the staircase.
  • It can be found in an armour stand.
  • It is in the shadow of the staircase.
  • Between the walls of your Player Owned House.
  • It can additionally been seen in the workshop during build mode, near the Clockmaker's table hotspot where the stool would be if the table had been built.
  • The Castle Wars armour stand contains it as well.
  • In the Dungeon room near the door spot.
  • Also can be seen while looking through a wall and right clicking a Clockmaking Space.
  • Around magic barrier in ranging pedestals.
  • In the area around a balance beam.
  • When sitting on any kind of chair.
  • When entering the house, on the loading screen.
  • When something is supposed to be there. For example, when in the skill hall, in an armour stand hotspot, it will show nothing.
  • Nothing can also be examined in some of the Dungeoneering levels.
  • Another place to find nothing is in the northwest area of the Dorgeshuun mine, near Dartog (after Death to the Dorgeshuun).
  • In the Dungeoneering levels mentioned above, you can sometimes find places with the examine option, but nothing to examine. It will produce a blank spot in your chat window if you click on it.
  • It can happen where a dining bench is supposed to be making it look like the person removed a few benches with "Nothing" there.
  • It will happen occasionally near skill doors in Daemonheim.
  • In Daemonheim, in the boss room of Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz, near the door, there is something similar to "Nothing" ; there is nothing there, but you can still "Examine Rock". The examine text is "I don't see a rock."