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NovtumberFest was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
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This article is about the event. For the Treasure Hunter promotion, see Novtumber Festival.
Release date 9 October 2017 (Update)
End date 6 November (Update)
Reward Cosmetic overrides, animations, pets, titles, and more
Head developer Unknown edit
Preceded by Summer Beach Party (2017)
Succeeded by Spring Fayre (2018)

NovtumberFest is a seasonal event, similar to the Summer Beach Party, that started on 9 October 2017 and was removed on 6 November. It took place in the Lumbridge Crater.

Logging in for the first time during the event prompts the message NovtumberFest has arrived! Pay a visit today to participate in various activities for XP and unlock unique new rewards!


Participating in the some activities is free for all players, and unlike previous events there is not a cap on the amount of times a player can participate. Ironmen can participate in the event.[1]

Barrel smithing

Lukas, located at the south entrance of the crater, provides an activity where players can manufacture barrels to house the festival's beer. Taking part in the activity allows players to receive experience in Smithing.

Carousel (m)

Players can ride a carousel in the center of the crater to earn experience in Divination, or Invention instead if the player has unlocked the skill.

Crossbowman's Tent

Friedrich has set up three targets for players to practice their Ranged skills on. Each time that a player fires a shot at a target, they receive Ranged experience. This activity does not require any combat equipment.

Gunther's carriage events

Gunther, who spawns at a different location in Gielinor every three hours, can be found allowing players to take part in various different activities. The location for Gunther is different per world, so switching between worlds may help players find him quicker.

Spawn times appear to be approximately 2:00, 5:00, 8:00, 11:00, 14:00, 17:00, 20:00, and 23:00 game time.

When Gunther spawns, a message will appear in the chatbox similar to A cart has spawned south of Barbarian Village. From the spawn point, Gunther and his cart will traverse to a location and a message like the following appears: An event has begun south-east of Varrock.. All game messages must be toggled on to receive this message. His location will be shown by an orange holiday event icon on the minimap.

Gunther remains at each event location for 20 minutes and visits a total of three random locations before disappearing until another spawn time. An activity type might be visited multiple times during a tour.

Map Location Activity
Gunther east of Falador location.png East of Falador Keg theft
Gunther north of Falador location.png North of Falador Wolly?
Gunther north of Lumbridge location.png North of Lumbridge Keg rolling
Gunther north of Port Sarim location.png Port Sarim Wolly?
Gunther south of Barbarian Village location.png South of Barbarian Village Keg rolling
Gunther southeast of varrock location.png South-east of Varrock Wolly?

Keg rolling

During the keg rolling activity, he will ask the player to roll a keg across a patch of grass. You have to make sure to time the keg so it doesn't hit any of the NPCs crossing that patch. If an NPC is hit, it will have to be restarted. Taking part in this activity rewards the player with Strength experience.

Keg theft

During the keg theft activity, he will ask the player to return the kegs that an ogre has stole from him. This activity is played the same as the real-world children's game statues (or "red light, green light"). Players must walk toward the ogre and the kegs while he is not looking at you, and stop when he is. If they fail, they must go back to the beginning of the track. Taking part in this activity rewards the player with Thieving experience.


During the Wolly? activity, he will provide a hint about where Wolly? is. Finding Wolly? and returning him to Gunther will provide the player with Hunter experience. The location for Wolly? is different per player.

Hint Locations
  • South-east of Varrock lodestone, south of the farm
  • North-east of Falador lodestone (north of divination rift)
  • South of Falador's southern gate
  • South-east of Varrock lodestone, inside the farm
  • North of Falador, next to Voragos entrance
  • South-east of Falador farm, near spirit tree patch
  • East of Varrock lodestone
  • East of Falador's northern gate
  • East of Falador's southern gate
Rabbit hole

Hops gathering (m)

In hops gathering, hops have emerged all around the Lumbridge Crater, which can be interacted with to yield experience in Farming and Novtumber hops. After harvesting for a while, the hops will deplete and will require time to regenerate before players can gather them again. Neither gathering nor turning in hops will fill farming urns.

The collected hops can be given to Marta, south of the glass-blowing furnace, for extra experience in Farming.

Kegger (m)

Kegger is located near Jonas. There are patrons: dwarves, humans, and elves. These patrons emerge from three tents, waiting to be served drinks from three benches. To participate in the minigame, players have to slide drinks from the barrels in front of the benches, gaining Agility experience in the process.


Players can receive Constitution experience by going through the racetrack portal in the tent near Klara. The portal takes players to a snowy racetrack.

To start running, players can right click the Racing Supervisor and click on Start Race. While racing, players can switch between lanes by using the interface or by clicking number 1, 2 and 3 on their keyboard. For the best experience, players should try to stay on the inside lane only switching lanes to avoid obstacles since it gives 125% experience compared to 100% in the middle lane and 75% on the outside lane. There are three types of obstacles:

  • Pretzel: Boosts the player's experience gain.
  • Stool: Trips players and lowers their experience gain.
  • Keg: Kicks players off the track and lowers their experience gain.

Sausage grilling

At the north entrance of the Lumbridge Crater, a dwarven cook named Jakob has set up grills that players can use to grill sausages. By taking part in the activity, players will receive Cooking experience. Novtumberfest sausages are received by taking part in this activity, and it does not require any materials.

Stein crafting

Players can receive Crafting experience by creating steins at the glass-blowing furnace, which does not require any materials. No items are received by taking part in this activity.

Table dancing

Prayer experience can be earned by taking part in a table dancing activity near the carousel. Following Mila and Elias' moves will give experience, while performing the other moves will not give any experience.

Wolpertinger zapping (m)

Wizard Deedit, located at the east entrance of the crater, is having trouble trying to send wolpertingers back to the spirit plane. Players can talk to him to open an interface, allowing them to slay or dismiss the wolpertingers in the wolpertinger zapping activity.

Choosing to slay a wolpertinger will grant Slayer experience for the player, while choosing to dismiss them will grant Summoning experience instead.


Bar Crawl

At the south entrance of the crater, Johanna provides bar crawl cards to players who want to take part in the festival's bar crawl. There are two different types of cards - standard and advanced.

By taking part in the bar crawl, players can receive experience lamps. One lamp is granted for each bar completed. For completing all of the cards, an additional two lamps are provided. Although one task becomes available every day, the bar crawl tasks can be completed retroactively. Because of this, players might want to wait until all of the bars are revealed before choosing which card to complete.


The standard bar crawl is the easiest version of the activity. It is available for all players and all of the bars will be accessible to anyone. Completing a task will reward a small experience lamp while completing the full card will reward two medium experience lamps.

Advanced (m)

The advanced bar crawl is only available to members. Some of the bars in this card may be locked behind quests. Completing a task will reward a small experience lamp while completing the full card will reward two large experience lamps.


Players can collect Novtumberfest beer from the various tables within the crater. Drinking one grants a temporary skill boost for Strength (+2), heals the player by 50 life points and reduces the player's Attack level temporarily by 6 points.

Novtumberfest gingerbread and pretzels may be found from the stalls in the north-eastern part of the crater, and novtumberfest sausage may be cooked on the grills. Eating any of these heals the player by 200 life points.

Distraction and Diversion portals (m)

Novtumberfest will have the same Distractions and Diversions portals as previous seasonal events:

Note that the Evil Tree portal and the Shooting Star portal are the only ones available for non-members. All other portals require being in a members world.

Happy Hour

During NovtumberFest, there are a series of "Happy Hours", where players (ironmen excluded) can gain double experience from all activities that they take part in. Happy Hours take place at 04:00, 10:00, 16:00, and 22:00 game time (UTC) each day on the following worlds:[2]

  • 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 88 (English)
  • 47, 94 (Portuguese)
  • 55, 118 (French)
  • 102, 122 (German)

The presence of a Happy Hour is indicated in the banner shown on the interface, and its beginning is announced with the message Happy Hour is starting at NovtumberFest! Gain increased XP whilst taking part in activities at the crater!

Token chances are not doubled during Happy hour.


Rewards include a number of tokens that unlock cosmetic overrides and pets. As with previous events, tokens may be bought with RuneCoins from Linus' store or may be randomly obtained while taking part in the event.


A title, [Name] the Party Animal, can be earned by talking to all NPCs involved in the event and taking part in all Free-to-Play accessible activities. This includes buying at least one drink on a bar crawl card, as well as helping Gunther once. You can check your progress by right-clicking Johanna.


Reward Unlocks Runecoin.png RuneCoins G.E. price
Novtumberfest outfit token.png Novtumberfest outfit token NovtumberFest Outfit 250 1,452,398
Gingerbread necklace token.png Gingerbread necklace token NovtumberFest Gingerbread Necklace 100 8,358
Beer goggles token.png Beer goggles token NovtumberFest Beer Goggles 100 76,524
Pretzel shield token.png Pretzel shield token NovtumberFest Pretzel Shield 80 9,155
Stein weapon token.png Stein weapon token Main-hand and off-hand stein 80 12,409
Lederhosen terrorbird mount token.png Lederhosen terrorbird mount token Lederhosen terrorbird mount 150 68,599
Keg companion pet token.png Keg companion pet token Keggy 300 7,748,483
Wolpertinger companion pet token.png Wolpertinger companion pet token Tinger 300 9,937,455
Party fever walk override token.png Party fever walk override token Party Fever Walk 80 1,674,796
Carrying steins resting token.png Carrying steins resting token Carrying Steins Resting 80 32,351
Novtumberfest dance emotes token.png Novtumberfest dance emotes token NovtumberFest Dancing (includes 4 emotes: Stamp, Drop, Slap and March) 80 5,078
Total 1,600 21,025,606

Music unlocked



  • Novtumberfest is inspired by Oktoberfest, a large beer festival held in Germany.
  • It is possible to obtain strange rocks while skilling at the festival but it is not possible to obtain skilling pets.[3]
  • It is possible for anagogic orts to drop while skilling at the festival.
  • Wolly? is a reference to the Where's Wally? children’s puzzle books, published in the U.S. as Where's Waldo?.
  • Kegger is a reference to the arcade game Tapper, right down to the gameplay.


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