Novtumber Festival perfect produce detail

Novtumber Festival perfect produce is an item which can be obtained during the Treasure Hunter promotion, Novtumber Festival from 19 November 2015 to 23 november 2015.

Players who obtain Novtumber Festival seeds from Treasure Hunter can plant these seeds to grow Novtumber Festival plants. These plants can be harvested to obtain Novtumber Festival perfect produce or, more commonly, Novtumber Festival produce. Players can chose to either "Offer produce to the Gods" to gain Prayer XP, equivalent to 1/2 of a Small XP lamp, or "Return produce to the earth" to gain Farming XP, granting 1/3 of a Small XP lamp and having the chance to gain back some Novtumber Festival seeds. All produce in the player's stack will be exchanged when whichever option is chosen.

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