This article is about the music track. For the event, see NovtumberFest.
Novtumberfest (#1201)
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Release date 9 October 2017 (Update)
Members No
Location NovtumberFest in the Lumbridge Crater
Quest No
Unlock hint This track unlocks during the 2017 Novtumberfest event.
Duration 07:28
Composer Mod Ian
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Novtumberfest is a music track that is unlocked by entering NovtumberFest for the first time. After the event, it is unlocked by logging in.

Mod Ian discussed his work on this track on the official RuneScape Forums:

I had fun writing this tune and wanted it to be a bit different for this event.

One of my German friends here showed me some examples of more modern German folk metal styles and I wanted to do something a bit similar. The guitars are played by our very own Mod Lord.

In actual fact there is a kind of story behind the music... I wrote it about different drinkers who have their own favourite way of drinking (out of a glass, a tankard etc. and the last one is from a skull). I did start some lyrics but really they should be sung in German which would have meant translating them which we didn't have time to do for this project.

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