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Noxious weaponry consists of three weapons crafted from Araxxi's drops. They are two-handed weapons requiring level 90 in the weapon's skill, out of Attack, Ranged, and Magic.

In order to make these weapons, players must attach the appropriate piece to a spider leg, which is broken into three parts: a spider leg top, middle, and bottom. Players obtain these pieces by defeating Araxxor in each of the tunnel paths. Finally, by adding an Araxxi body part with 90 Crafting, a weapon is created. The eye makes the staff, the fang makes the scythe, and the web makes the longbow. Once the weapon has been created, it cannot be dismantled.

Noxious weaponry Grand Exchange cost
Noxious longbow.pngNoxious longbow163,230,298 [graph]
Noxious scythe.pngNoxious scythe227,048,518 [graph]
Noxious staff.pngNoxious staff165,149,827 [graph]
Spider leg.pngSpider leg158,242,408 [graph]
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Noxious weaponry degrades to a broken state after 60,000 charges of combat (but uses 2 charges per hit). They can be repaired at any point using coins by a Repair NPC (4,500,000 coins for a full repair) or for cheaper on an armour stand (0.5% discount per Smithing level, including boosts and assists - 2,272,500 coins for a full repair at 99 Smithing).

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