For the flatpacked version, see Oak bookcase (flatpack).

An oak bookcase can be built in the bookcase space hotspot of the parlour, quest hall, and study in a player-owned house. It requires 29 Construction, and 3 oak planks to build. When built, it earns the player 180 Construction experience. Players can make around 60,000 experience an hour making these bookcases with the use of a higher level servant, such as a butler or demon butler.

As with all POH bookcases, most tomes encountered in the course of play will appear in a list when the bookcase is searched. For a complete list of books in the game, and whether they will appear in the house collection, visit the list of books

An oak bookcase flatpack may be alchemised for 4 coins using low level alchemy, or 6 coins using high level alchemy.

Constructing oak bookcases from 29 to 99 Construction would cost 120,674,240.

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