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The oak larder is a piece of furniture that can be built in the kitchen (which must first be built before an oak larder can be made) of a player-owned house with the Construction skill. Players can withdraw tea leaves, buckets of milk, eggs, and pots of flour from this larder.

Building an oak larder requires at least 33 Construction, 8 oak planks, a hammer and a saw. Building oak larders is a good way to train Construction, for the large amount of experience they give, and they do not require nails or bolts of cloth. Constructing oak larders works best with the use of a servant (cook or better).

Many players build oak larders as it is very fast experience and it only requires oak planks.

A player building an Oak larder.

Players can withdraw all the ingredients required for making cakes, and then withdraw a cake tin from a kitchen shelve (wooden shelves 3 or better), and then cook cakes for Cooking experience, if they have a steel range or fancy range.

price for each= 4,448