Oak roots detail

Oak roots are roots from a player-grown oak tree that has been dug up. They can be used as an ingredient to brew Axeman's Folly at level 49 Cooking, spun into a crossbow string on a spinning wheel, or (like all tree roots) tossed in a Compost Bin to make supercompost.

Members can grow an oak tree by planting an acorn in a plant pot, watering it and then transferring the sapling into a tree patch if they have level 15 Farming. When it has fully grown, they need to cut it down with an axe, and then use a spade on the stump to dig it up before it regrows. This yields one set of oak roots, no matter what kind of compost has been used. After the roots have been dug up, weeds will begin to grow in the tree patch.

Note: Simply clearing an oak tree after checking health does not currently yield oak roots.


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