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The Observatory.

Observatory map.png

The Observatory complex is mostly used during the Observatory Quest. It consists of four parts. The area was overrun by goblins, who have damaged the telescope, and players must fix it during the quest. The original bridge to the observatory has been destroyed, so you must go underground at the Ruined buildings and through the Observatory Dungeon to get to it. After the quest, a rope attached to the broken bridge outside the front door may be used to access the Observatory quickly.


The fastest way to reach the Observatory is to use the 'Chipped' Watchtower teleport tablet. Another way to reach the Observatory is by using a ring of duelling to teleport to Castle Wars then run north, crossing two small bridges. Go up the rope on the north-east side of the observatory (requires completion of the Observatory Quest). You could also go down the stairs in the Goblin hut to the north-east and then follow the maze to the staircase to enter the observatory. Another option is to use the Ourania Teleport to arrive just north of the Observatory. Using the Lodestone Network to teleport to Yanille is free with no requirements but it is a fairly long walk to the north-west. Lastly, the Balloon transport system drops you off fairly close to the destination.


Observatory reception

The observatory reception is a small building north of the observatory itself. The Observatory professor is here at the start of the Observatory Quest, along with his assistant. There is a range in the building and a well just outside. On two tables are copies of the Astronomy book and the Glassblowing book. There is a Large orrery in the centre of the room, and a chart on the wall that keeps track of Shooting Stars that have landed. This is the noticeboard used in the easy Ardougne Tasks, it notes the last five Shooting Stars landing times and who if anyone has discovered them.

Ruined buildings

North-east of the Observatory are three ruined buildings. The western building has the staircase which leads down to the Observatory Dungeon. The southern building has a spawn of a single dose of super antipoison. In the middle are three goblins: Creakyknees, Smellytoes and Greasycheeks.

Observatory Dungeon

Players need to go through the Observatory Dungeon to get to the Observatory itself. It is overrun by low-level goblins.


The Observatory is the main place of study for astronomy. There are two levels to the observatory building. On the bottom level there are some star charts, which show the 12 constellations. On the upper level is the telescope itself, and after you have finished the Observatory Quest, the Observatory professor. You can look through the telescope to see a constellation.

Though the design of the telescope is from Scorpius, the original has gone, and the current structure is a reproduction.

When you look at the world map and search for the coordinates: 00 degrees 00 minutes North 00 degrees 00 minutes South you will see that the centre of the observatory has these coordinates.


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