Obsidian charm detail

Obsidian charms may be obtained as a drop from the TzHaar monsters within the main area of TzHaar City. TzHaar with higher combat levels have an increased drop rate. Obsidian charms are secondary drops, and can drop alongside primary drops such as obsidian weapons and armour, or Onyx bolt tips. They are used with the Summoning skill as the tertiary ingredient to create Spirit Tz-Kih, Obsidian golem, and Lava titan summoning pouches.

Unlike the five ordinary charms, obsidian charms are unstackable, similar to abyssal charms, as they are tertiary ingredients, and will also require an ordinary charm when making pouches. However, as they are still considered charms, the triple charm bonus from Familiarisation increases the quantity of obsidian charms gained per drop, and they can be collected by a charming imp. Turning obsidian charms into the charming imp instead yields 6 experience each. Like other charms, they are also untradeable.


Familiars that can be made with the obsidian charm are:

Level Familiar Charm Shards Create XP
22 Spirit Tz-Kih Crimson 64 96.8
73 Obsidian golem Blue 195 642.4
83 Lava titan Blue 219 730.4

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
TzHaar-Hur86; 981–2Common


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  • After the release of "bot-nuke" day, there was a glitch where the centre symbol of the charm was unclear, but later on it was fixed per one of the Patch notes.
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