Ocean's Archer
Ocean's Archer HelmOcean's Archer BodyOcean's Archer HandsOcean's Archer LegsOcean's Archer FeetOcean's Archer BowOcean's Archer Crossbow
Release date 10 January 2018 (Update)
Members Yes
Components 6
Recolourable No
These cosmetics will not display
in PvP-enabled areas.

Ocean's Archer is a cosmetic override outfit available by redeeming tokens obtained from Treasure Hunter or other players. The tokens were more common than usual during the Ocean's Alliance - The Archer promotion.

The set consists of:

  • Ocean's Archer Helm
  • Ocean's Archer Body
  • Ocean's Archer Legs
  • Ocean's Archer Feet
  • Ocean's Archer Hands
  • Ocean's Archer Bow

In addition, the following one-handed ranged weapon overrides are available:

  • Ocean's Archer Crossbow
  • Ocean's Archer Off-hand Crossbow


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