Offering stone

The offering stone is a table found in the Jadinko Lair, well southeast of the Jadinko Lair entrance and the jade woodcutting roots, east of the Jadinko Queen. Players can spend jadinko points, earned from various activities in the Lair, on a few types of rewards. It is possible to spend all points at once or exchange just a few at a time.

  • Random mix: 10 points each. Gives random fruits and seeds for Herblore Habitat.
  • Fruits only: 13 points each. Gives random fruits for use within the Jadinko Lair.
  • Seeds and teleport bags: 40 points each seed and 80 points each teleport bag. Gives random seeds and juju teleport spiritbags.

There is a cap of 2000 points, so it is encouraged to spend the points when they near that amount. How many points you have is shown on the upper left hand corner. A convenient bank deposit box can be found through the shortcut on the other side of the Jadinko Queen (requires 40 Woodcutting to use).

Point values

Action Required Points Notes
Burning a curly root 83 Woodcutting-icon
2 Roots burned by an inferno adze do not give points.
Chopping a mutated root 83 Woodcutting-icon 2 Near Jadinko Queen. -1 point for chopping a healthy vine.
Killing a mutated jadinko baby 80 Slayer-icon 3
Killing a mutated jadinko guard 86 Slayer-icon 7
Killing a mutated jadinko male 91 Slayer-icon 10


Jadinko fruit



Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Common fruitCommon fruit1CommonNot sold
Shadow fruitShadow fruit1UnknownNot sold
Igneous fruitIgneous fruit1UnknownNot sold
Cannibal fruitCannibal fruit1UnknownNot sold
Aquatic fruitAquatic fruit1UnknownNot sold
Amphibious fruitAmphibious fruit1UnknownNot sold
Carrion fruitCarrion fruit1UnknownNot sold
Diseased fruitDiseased fruit1UnknownNot sold
Camouflaged fruitCamouflaged fruit1UnknownNot sold
Draconic fruitDraconic fruit1UnknownNot sold
Saradomin fruitSaradomin fruit1UnknownNot sold
Guthix fruitGuthix fruit1UnknownNot sold
Zamorak fruitZamorak fruit1UnknownNot sold


Seed reward mechanic: The Seeds and Teleport option on the offering table is completely influenced by what is currently being attracted in herblore habitat. The seeds obtained at the offering stones will be the same types that are normally dropped by the jadinko that you currently have attracted at the hunter area on the surface. You will not obtain a seed type if the jadinkos on the surface do not drop that seed when caught. If you do not have specific jadinkos attracted on the surface, only blossom seeds can be found. Therefore, when you are ready to collect a reward, make sure you are attracting a jadinko with good seed drops, such as diseased jadinkos.


  • Depending on a player's stats, it may be faster to gather seeds through burning curly roots or chopping mutated roots than through hunting in Herblore Habitat.
  • The most expensive option may be the most efficient for obtaining herb seeds, because the random option, though cheaper, tends to give more fruit and lower-level seeds.
  • The offering stone will not have fruit on it for players who do not have enough jadinko points for any of the rewards.
  • The Seeds and Teleport option on the offering table is completely influenced by what is currently being attracted in herblore habitat. Also, the Jadinkos you have attracted will occasionally come down from Herblore Habitat and put their seeds on the offering table, afterwards making their way to the queen and burrowing into the ground.
Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Red blossom seed 5Red blossom seed1Common187
Blue blossom seed 5Blue blossom seed1Common456
Green blossom seed 5Green blossom seed1Common222
Lergberry seed 5Lergberry seed1CommonNot sold
Kalferberry seed 5Kalferberry seed1UncommonNot sold
Erzille seed 5Erzille seed1CommonNot sold
Argway seed 5Argway seed1UncommonNot sold
Ugune seed 5Ugune seed1UncommonNot sold
Shengo seed 5Shengo seed1UncommonNot sold
Samaden seed 5Samaden seed1UncommonNot sold
Apple tree seed 5Apple tree seed1Rare290
Banana tree seed 5Banana tree seed1Rare171
Orange tree seed 5Orange tree seed1Rare163
Juju teleport spiritbagJuju teleport spiritbag1Uncommon3,897
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