For the item used during Back to the Freezer, see Ogleroot (Back to the Freezer).
Not to be confused with shrunk ogleroot.
Ogleroot detail

Ogleroots are bought from Farmer Blinkin in the Vinesweeper minigame, by right-clicking Farmer Blinkin. They can also be found while digging with a spade during the minigame.

Ogleroots are fed to rabbits to make the rabbits disappear, stopping the rabbits from eating the seeds that are found. When ogleroots are fed to the rabbits, players will receive 30 Hunter experience points.

Players cannot take ogleroots out of the minigame area, but players will be given 10 coins per ogleroot when they leave. The ogleroot cannot be eaten by players.


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  • Multiple bugs existed which allowed players to smuggle ogleroots out of the Vinesweeper minigame, these bugs have since been fixed.
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