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Ogre standard

Ogres are a race which dwells upon Gielinor. They originated in Yu'biusk and Bandos had legions of ogres fighting in his armies to take control. Ogres appear as huge, giant-like humanoids weighing up to a ton in muscle and fat, they have white skin and "dark" brown rags for clothes. Ogres have poor technology and are a tribal race with constant wars and rivalries. Their main weapons are spears, clubs, maces, and bows, while others just use their bare hands.

Ogre religion is shaman-like, and they can summon as part of their magicks. The shamans are highly respected and feared by ogres as Bandos' representatives on Gielinor.

Ogres can be as unintelligent as trolls, though they are more creative, with better rules and a more religious and cultural society. Ogres who choose to live outside the city in tribes tend to be very uneducated and feud with each other where the strongest rule. Ogres in the city may be more educated and select ogres can speak very well without butchering words. Ogres are highly savage to newcomers like humans, and will attack them, although the gnomes study them at a safe distance or atop their mechanical gliders.

Female ogres are known as ogress and are stronger than the males. However, most of them are tolerant to the lesser races, such as the ogresses of Oo'glog. They also seem to be obsessed with the "shinies" (coins).

Unlike other races, the ogres of Feldip Hills live separately from each other; ogres live in the city of Gu'Tanoth, while ogresses live in the city of Oo'glog. According to Chief Tess, inhabitants from the two cities visit each other "once every few seasons" and when they visit, they feast and share tales from their shamans. The idea of living together is fairly unknown to them, as Chief Tess laughs at the player's suggestions of having the ogres of Gu'Tanoth and ogresses of Oo'glog live together.

Ogre children are likely to be cared for by the ogresses, regardless of their gender. Almost every ogre child can be found in Oo'glog, with the exception of Bug and Fycie, who Rantz (their father) takes care of.

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