Oil lamp detail

Oil lamps are a light source for use in dark places. Like all low-quality light sources, it is recommended that several lamps are used if this is the only option, and a tinderbox is available in case the lamp goes out.

Empty oil lamps can be made using the Crafting skill at level 12 by glassblowing molten glass, or bought from Dorgesh-Kaan or from other players. An empty oil lamp must then be filled with lamp oil to obtain an oil lamp (oil). To light it, players require level 12 in Firemaking.

An oil lamp can be combined with an oil lantern frame (forged from iron) to make an oil lantern for 50 Crafting experience. Combining the lantern frame with the lamp does not require a furnace or anvil.

Explosion of gas

Oil lamps can provoke an explosion in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. Players would have to move to a safer place (a few squares away) when the message reads:

Your oil lamp flares brightly.

If they succeed, the message reads:

Your oil lamp stops flaring.

If the lamp extinguishes, and players experience an explosion, they will lose around 150 life points. The message reads:

The swamp gas explodes!

Extinguishment of light

The lamp may be extinguished for various reasons (falling into water, explosion, etc.) If players do not relight it fast enough, the message reads:

You hear tiny insects skittering over the ground...

A while later, the next message reads:

Tiny biting insects swarm all over you!

Players will start to lose 10 life points every few seconds until they die, or until the lamp is re-lit.

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