Oily orokami jar detail

An oily orokami jar is the result of successfully catching an oily orokami inside an impling jar, requiring 95 Hunter. Catching an oily orokami grants 1,000 Hunter experience.

Oily orokami jars may be sold to Sensei Seaworth's Spirited Away shop on Tuai Leit for 22–26 chimes, or looted for a variety of rewards.

Store locations

Spirited Away
Merchant Sensei Seaworth
Island Tuai Leit
Price sold at 220
Prices bought at
Base value 22
First upgrade 24
Second upgrade 26
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Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Fish oil 1Fish oil1–3CommonNot sold
Wobbegong oil 2Wobbegong oil1–3CommonNot sold
Ikuchi orokami maskIkuchi orokami mask1Very rare136,705
Raw seerfishRaw seerfish6–12 (noted)CommonNot sold
Raw tarponRaw tarpon9–18 (noted)CommonNot sold
Raw sillagoRaw sillago5–6 (noted)CommonNot sold
Raw wobbegongRaw wobbegong2–3 (noted)CommonNot sold
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