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This article is about the man at Meiyerditch. For other uses, see Old man (disambiguation).

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Old Man Ral is an elderly man usually found near the entrance of Meiyerditch. Old Man Ral is something of a sage within Meiyerditch, and regularly uses his knowledge to help both the Myreque and the ghetto's residents. He has knowledge of the Myreque operating in Meiyerditch, and during the Darkness of Hallowvale quest he shows players how to navigate Meiyerditch by following secret pathways.

Ral plays a small role in the Darkness of Hallowvale quest. After players compliment him, he tells them the location of the Sanguinesti Myreque Hideout. He can only be helpful after the player has spoken to a citizen about him. After players finish Darkness of Hallowvale, Safalaan will inform them that they may return to Old Man Ral to obtain free paper.

Ral can be tricky to locate for the first time during Darkness of Hallowvale. He resides in a building down an alleyway north-west of the wall where you land the boat to access Meiyerditch along with a few other citizens. He carries a staff, wears a brown hat, and wears brown clothes. His location is also marked by a green star on the mini-map.

Ral is also the taskmaster for the elite Morytania task set, giving out the Morytania legs 4 and explanations. The fastest way to go to him is from Burgh de Rott by using the boat at the coast south of Burgh de Rott on top of the boundary wall. Walk to the first area with floorboards and climb down into the gap between the walls.