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The Old School Team are a group of Jagex employees responsible for running and developing Old School RuneScape.


Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in
N/A Mod Acorn N/A Anti-Cheating Specialist N/A
Mod Archie Mod Archie Canadian Video Journalist 13 October 2014
Mod Ash Mod Ash British Principal Content Developer 12 July 2004
Mod Ayiza Mod Ayiza N/A Community Manager 13 September 2017
Mod Boko Mod Boko N/A Game Engine Developer 2013
Mod Cam Mod Cam N/A Community Manager 2018
Mod Curse Mod Curse N/A Senior RuneScape Content QA Analyst N/A
Mod Ed Mod Ed N/A Content Developer N/A
Mod Gambit Mod Gambit N/A Community Manager 6 August 2018
Mod Ghost Mod Ghost N/A Artist N/A
N/A Mod Jenesis N/A Senior Game Engine Developer N/A
Mod John C Mod John C N/A Producer 6 January 2014
N/A Mod Jon N/A Livestream and Video Producer N/A
Mod Kieren Mod Kieren N/A Senior Content Developer 7 July 2015
N/A Mod Lenny N/A Junior Content Developer 2017 / May 2018
Mod Mat K Mod Mat K N/A Product Owner N/A
Mod Roq Mod Roq N/A QA Analyst N/A
Mod Ry Mod Ry N/A Junior Artist N/A
Mod Stone Mod Stone N/A Marketing Manager N/A
Mod Sween Mod Sween N/A Social Media and Marketing Manager 2015
N/A Mod TomH N/A RuneScape QA Analyst N/A
N/A Mod Weath N/A Anti Cheating Specialist N/A
Mod West Mod West N/A Junior Artist N/A
Mod Wolf Mod Wolf N/A Old School RuneScape QA Analyst N/A
N/A Mod Yann N/A Senior Concept Artist N/A


Picture Name Nationality Role Employed in Left in
Ian Gower Ian Gower British Engine Developer 2001 2016
Mod Alfred Mod Alfred N/A Artist N/A  
Mod Delta Mod Delta N/A Content Developer N/A  
Mod Krista Mod Krista British Scrum Master 2010 2018
Mod Mary Day Mod Mary Day N/A Junior QA Analyst N/A  
Mod Reach Mod Reach N/A Content Developer N/A 2015
Mod Ronan Mod Ronan N/A Senior Community Manager 2014 2018


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