An Old boot is a useless item that can not be traded. Some collector-players (Mostly members that try to get as many different types of items in their bank) often value it, but since it cannot be traded, it is utterly useless. It cannot be worn either, to the surprise of some players. Not many people have obtained this, as it is not a desirable item. When dropped, it is unrealistically huge, about the size of two pairs of other boots. You cannot use two old boots together to make a pair of old boots. It is brown and featureless, making it difficult to tell what sort of boot it used to be, though some have speculated it once half a pair of bronze boots, fighters boots, gardening boots, frog-leather boots, sturdy boots (since these cannot be equipped either), construction boots or, most likely, leather boots, because they are so common. Old boots are useless and only take up space.

How to obtain

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