Old tooth detail

An old tooth can be found while digging at the digsite in the level 1 grid, most western plot. To dig, a player must use a trowel on the soil while having a specimen jar and a specimen brush in their inventory. A gardening trowel will not work. The odds of digging up an old tooth are around 1/50. The archaeological expert says, "Oh, an old tooth. It looks like it has come from a mighty being. Pity there are no tooth fairies around here!"

Players can sell this item to the Tooth Fairy for 2,000 coins. Players can also trade this item, along with other types of teeth, to the Tooth Fairy for a tooth creature after completion of Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift.

Tooth location

A tooth can be found here, at the very northeast corner of the Digsite


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