One-Eyed Willy chathead

One-Eyed Willy is a castaway and a pirate parrot who rides on a pet cyclops. They can be found on a special uncharted isle when the player reads a message in a bottle and receives a treasure map written by One-Eyed Willy. When found, they will give the player one taijitu.

The message in a bottle to locate this castaway was last visible 1 day ago on 6 July. It will be visible again in 1 day on 8 July. (wrong?) Once a message in a bottle is found and when a player has walked near its spawn location when it was visible it will always be visible, unless the message in the bottle or its treasure map is in the player's bank or inventory.



  • The parrot's name is a reference to the pirate from the 1985 film The Goonies.
  • The last sentences of the dialogue are a reference to a conversation Luke Skywalker has in the Mos Eisley cantina in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.
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