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One Small Favour is a quest in which the player is asked to complete a favour, although things turn out to be less simple.

Official description

If you're fresh to Shilo Village after solving the mystery (or even if you did it some time ago), you may like to check out Yanni Salika's antiques shop.

He's a busy chap, revamping antique items, checking out new stock from potential adventurers and maybe he'll have a small(1) favour to ask of you. It is probably nothing particularly large - Yanni isn't a demanding(2) person, after all - and it should hardly take you any time(3) at all really. Just something to do when you have a spare moment.

That's assuming there aren't any complications.

1: - Perception of the word "small" may be open to interpretation.

2: - In a recent vote, Yanni Salika was only voted the second most demanding person in Shilo Village.

3: - As everyone knows, time is relative.


Start pointQuest map icon.png
One Small Favour icon.png
Talk to Yanni Salika in the antique shop in Shilo Village.
Member requirementP2P icon.png Members only
Official difficultyExperienced Experienced
Official lengthLong
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Enemies to defeat

Players who have completed the old version of Druidic Ritual will be required to complete the new version as well to progress in One Small Favour.

Around the world...

Items recommended: Amulet of glory, explorer's ring 3 or 4, 60 coins
Yanni Salika chathead.png

To begin the quest, you need to travel to Shilo Village. Yanni Salika can be found inside the antiques shop, just north of the river and south-east of the gem mine.

When you ask him of any activities to perform in the village, he instead requests you for a small favour - he needs an exotic mahogany polish on one of his antiques which can only be produced from the rare red mahogany logs. As he has none in his possession, you must retrieve it from one of the Jungle Foresters south of the village.


Captain Shanks location

To leave Shilo Village, go out the front gates and then 'Climb over' the cart to jump over it; watch out for the aggressive Undead ones in the area.

Walk south and talk to any Jungle Forester there. They say that they will part with the logs, if you are willing to get their blunt hatchet to Captain Shanks so that he can sail to Port Sarim and get it sharpened.

Go due west and up the ladder to talk to Captain Shanks. He will tell you to go to Port Sarim and get the hatchet sharpened yourself. Buy a ticket from him (26-44 coins), or teleport to Port Sarim any way you can (home teleport/lodestone network is recommended).


Items needed: 3 Steel bars
Items recommended: Amulet of glory, explorer's ring 3 or 4, varrock teleport and skull sceptre

In northern Port Sarim, speak to Brian inside his battleaxe shop. You quickly find out that he is worried about a friend who is planning to escape into the Wilderness to be rid of his troubles. As he cannot sharpen the hatchet without his peace of mind, you offer to help him with a favour. He tells you that Aggie might be able to help with his situation. Make sure he takes the blunt hatchet before you leave.

Speak to Aggie, the witch in Draynor Village. She agrees to help you, but wants a favour in return! Her apprentice, Jimmy the Chisel, has gone missing while gathering supplies. He was last seen between Draynor Village and Lumbridge, 'near the old mine'.

Head to the HAM headquarters north-east from Lumbridge and across the River Lum, open the old mine entrance, and climb down. Go to the south-east corner to find Jimmy in a small jail. After speaking to him, you will need to go to the southern-most room and speak to Johanhus Ulsbrecht, the H.A.M leader, about Jimmy's release; he will let Jimmy go if you can provide his cult with a month's supply of chickens from Jimmy's brother, Fred the farmer.

Seth Groats location

Exit the HAM headquarters and head north-west to Fred's farm on the western side of Lumbridge. He does not have enough chickens, but Seth Groats, the owner of the farmhouse on the other side of the river, does.

Across the River Lum, speak with Seth Groats. He is ready to help, but he requires some chicken cages. He suggests talking to Horvik, the Varrock smith, along with 3 steel bars as debt from a previous job.

With the steel bars, go talk to Horvik in Varrock; he owns the platebody shop there. Unfortunately, he is very ill and needs a herbal antidote, and some pigeon cages to modify into chicken cages. He tells you to go to Ardougne to get the pigeon cages.

For the antidote, go to the apothecary in Varrock. He gladly agrees to help you, favour-free, but as he is giving you the breathing salts, he drops the pot. Since the salts cannot be stored in a non-airtight container, he will ask you to get him a new airtight pot. While you can make a pot right then and there, or purchase one from the Grand Exchange, the apothecary will not accept it until after completing all of the subsequent favours.

Go to Gunnarsgrunn (Barbarian Village), located south of the Edgeville lodestone, and talk to Tassie Slipcast the potter, as suggested by the apothecary. She is too upset to show you how to make an airtight pot, since she is being pressured by Hammerspike Stoutbeard, a dwarf from whom she took a loan and who is now unfairly increasing the interest on it.


Items needed: 1 vial of water, clean harralander and clean marrentill
Items recommended: House teleport if your house is in Taverley, ring of duelling

The location of Hammerspike Stoutbeard

Enter the Dwarven mines from the northern entrance (north-east of the Falador lodestone). Go south, and then west when you see the anvils. Keep going west until you see Hammerspike Stoutbeard surrounded by some Dwarf Gang Members. Ask him about Tassie Slipcast and his choice of profession; he actually always wanted to be a druid. He'll relieve Tassie of her grief if you can help him become a druid initiate. If you have not completed the new version of the Druidic Ritual quest, you must speak with Sanfew first to complete the updated version before continuing.

Go to Taverley and speak with Sanfew; he is in the house north of the slayer tutor. Sanfew will allow Hammerspike to become his apprentice, in exchange for two favours: He wants you to give a Guthix rest potion to Captain Bleemadge on top of White Wolf Mountain and convince him to take Sanfew down to the Feldip Hills, so that he can spread awareness about Guthix amongst the inhabitants.

Make a Guthix rest potion - you will need a vial of water, along with a clean harralander and marrentill. The herbs must be added in this specific order only, as any other way does not concoct a restful potion.

Travel to the top of White Wolf Mountain and present the potion to Captain Bleemadge. There is an aggressive level 43 Big Wolf near him, so be wary; there is a tree nearby that you can lure him behind. Alternatively, you can take a gnome glider straight to him.

Feeling refreshed, he agrees to take Sanfew into ogre territory, although he needs some special, lightweight ropes known as T.R.A.S.H. (Triple Redundant Aero Super Hawsers) for the trip down to the Feldip Hills.


Items needed: Around 2000 coins (or 2 cut opals, jades and red topazes in case you crush the ones you get)

Travel to Catherby and speak to Arhein, the general store manager on the docks. He says that he himself designed T.R.A.S.H and is willing to barter it for a weather report to protect his cargo from bad weather.

Go to Seers' Village and talk to Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight in the house with the water-drop symbol south-east of the lodestone. He is busy looking for a girl named Petra and will not perform the weather forecast until she is found. He points in a vague direction about Petra's whereabouts - in a nearby cave, to the south-west of the village.

Goblin Cave map.png

Petra, stuck in the wall!

Travel to the goblin cave just east of the Fishing Guild. Inside the cave, follow the east wall until you come to a cavern. As you enter the cavern a cut-scene pans the camera to a distorted rock in the wall – an impression of a woman, possibly Petra. Search the sculpture, and you find a message telling you to speak to Wizard Cromperty.

Cromperty can be found in north-east Ardougne; his house has a blue-checked floor, also indicated in the mini-map. He explains that the girl was another of the adventurers on whom he experimented his teleport spells, but he couldn't track her down. He can free the girl with some iron oxide, but he needs your assistance in getting some from the antique merchant in Port Khazard. Whilst you are in Ardougne, pick up five pigeon cages from behind the house just south of the northern Ardougne bank if you haven't already gotten some.

Go to Port Khazard and talk to Tindel Marchant - he is on the pier south of the Fishing Trawler. He promises to hand you some rust if you could, unsurprisingly, get his stodgy mattress stuffed by Rantz and spare him the insomnia.

Go to the Feldip Hills (quick access available by using fairy ring code "AKS," then heading east) and talk to Rantz on the eastern side of the hills. He cannot do it because of the loud disturbance caused by a small man, which is scaring the chompy birds away.

The landing strip, fully repaired.

Go west until you see a gnome glider (or as Rantz calls it, a 'flapper') beside a gnome named Gnormadium Avlafrim. Talk to him and he will tell you he needs to repair the landing strip for a new glider route. Search each landing light for a gem, cut it, and put it back in their respective positions (from west to east is sapphire, opal, red topaz, jade). The gnome can sell you a chisel at 10 coins and spare gems at 500 coins each if you happen to crush them (you might want to bring some jade, opal and red topaz with you, but it is not necessary). Once you repair the strip, talk to the gnome again; he will start up the lights on the runway.

...and then back again

Items needed: Armour and weapon, bronze bar, iron bar, steel bar, pot, 5 pigeon cages

Go back to Rantz on the eastern side of Feldip Hills, who stuffs the mattress with feathers and gives you a comfy mattress. Take the mattress to Tindel in Port Khazard (south of DJP), for some iron oxide. Take the iron oxide to Wizard Cromperty in Ardougne; he will give you an animate rock scroll.

Take some armour and a weapon and travel back to the goblin cave near the Fishing Guild. Inside the east cavern, cast the spell ("Um nahi listic durooo-rah!") near Petra. You will mis-hit and accidentally animate another rock, causing a level 63 Slagilith to appear.

If you're in combat for too long, a message will appear saying that the Slagilith is bored fighting you and it'll return into a rock form, forcing you to fight it all over again.

When you defeat the Slagilith, it drops an uncut ruby, an uncut diamond, and an adamantite ore. Cast the spell again and Petra will be freed.

The broken weather vane, located on the roof

Travel back to Seers' Village and speak to Phantuwti. Go through the various options one by one until you see the option that discusses 'Tools', and 'What combination of tools' is necessary for the repair. He finally confesses that his weather vane is broken, and give you permission to go up on the roof to fix it. Access the roof via the ladder, in the building with the spinning wheel, to the east.

Climb up to the roof of his house and search the weather vane, then select the 'hammer' option and finally search again to get three broken vane parts. Go to an anvil with a bronze bar, an iron bar and a steel bar and use the parts of the weather vane with the anvil (the nearest anvil is located west of the Seer's Village bank).

Back on the roof, put the weathervane pillar, the directionals and the ornament back. Talk to Phantuwti again and he will give you a rather humorous weather report.

Take the report to Arhein in Catherby. He tells you that his ingenious T.R.A.S.H. has been already delivered to Captain Bleemadge.

Talk to Captain Bleemadge on top of White Wolf Mountain, who says he's now ready to fly off with Sanfew.

Deliver the latest news to Sanfew, who agrees to let a dwarf become his initiate.

Talk to Hammerspike Stoutbeard in the Dwarven mines. Apparently, he has changed his mind and wants to keep being a gangster, not sparing Tassie. When you threaten him, his Dwarven Gang Members will attack you; defeat them and he will agree to stop harassing Tassie.

Dealing with Hammerspike's thugs

This fight is multi-combat. All three will attack at once. The Dwarven Gang Members are instanced so you'll have to fight all three at the same time. Alternatively, speak to him once. Instead of threatening him, exit the conversation. Kill each Dwarven Gang Member separately and speak to him again.

Travel to Gunnarsgrunn and talk to Tassie. For being a good samaritan, she teaches you how to make pot lids - just use the wheel to make an unfired pot lid. Fire the pot lid in the Pottery oven, and then use it on a pot to get an airtight pot. Tassie will provide you with one workable piece of clay.

Bring the airtight pot to the apothecary in Varrock to obtain some breathing salts.

Go to Horvik, who can be found at his armour shop in Varrock, and give him the herbal tincture, breathing salts and five pigeon cages to get some chicken cages.

Deliver the chicken cages to Seth Groats in the farm in Lumbridge.

Inform Johanhus, in the HAM headquarters, about his renewed food supply and keeping his side of the deal, he releases Jimmy.

Go to Draynor Village and speak with Aggie the witch, who agrees to be a character witness for Brian's friend.

As a token of thanks, Brian of Port Sarim returns your favour and hands you a sharpened hatchet.

Go back to any of the Jungle Foresters south of Shilo Village and they will give you some red mahogany logs in exchange for the sharpened hatchet.

Finally, speak with Yanni in Shilo Village to hand over his red mahogany logs. When he responds with just a "thanks", you obviously get upset. Summarising your journey halfway across the world and then some more, Yanni agrees to reward you with some of his antiques.

Congratulations, quest complete!


One Small Favour reward.png
Music unlocked

The following can be unlocked in the lands you venture into if you have not visited them beforehand, but there is no unique music for this quest:

Required for completing

Completion of One Small Favour is required for the following:


Cultural references

  • When talking to Tassie Slipcast during the quest about Hammerspike, she says "I hope that he doesn't grind your bones to make his bread!". This is a reference from the nursery rhyme Fee-fi-fo-fum from the tale Jack and the Beanstalk.
  • When talking to Johanhus for the second time, the player ends dialogue with two quotes: "I'll be back" (from The Terminator) and "You won't like me when I'm angry (The Hulk/The Incredible Hulk).


  • You do a total of 19 "small favours" in this quest (21 if you count releasing Petra and Jimmy The Chisel).
  • When you complete the quest, the interface says: 'Congratulations! You have endured 'One Small Favour'!' This is one of the only quests that say something different to having completed a quest, along with My Arm's Big Adventure, Between a Rock, The Giant Dwarf and Horror from the Deep.
  • There is a reference to this quest when you are completing the "Devious Minds" quest. After you hand the bow-sword to the monk he will ask you for one final favour, after which the player will say "wait....this sounds familiar...".
  • When Wizard Cromperty requests his favour of you, he says "A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". This is a quote by ancient philosopher and poet, Lao Tzu.
  • If you drop any of the items required to be given to the next person, the original owners will charge you coins depending on the item:
    • Free: Weather report, animated rock scroll, and sharpened hatchet.
    • 100 coins: Mattress, iron oxide, and chicken cages.
    • 200 coins: Comfy mattress, red mahogany logs and breathing salts (also requires an airtight pot).