For the instrumental version, see One Voice (instrumental).
One Voice (#1111)
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Release date 25 July 2016 (Update)
Members Yes
Location Waiko
Quest No
Unlock hint This track unlocks on Waiko.
Vocals Yes
Duration 03:16
Composer Mod Lord, Linda H
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One Voice is a music track immediately unlocked when sailing to Waiko in the Eastern Lands. The song is also featured on The Arc Original Soundtrack.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:One Voice.

When we build a raft
We sing and dance
And we make sure it's strong
So strong and long
From edge to edge
Branch to branch

And when we make a sail
We sing and dance
And string it high up in the sky
Like a bottle floating in a current
Without a care
No cares

The sound of the ocean
Is one voice
Just one voice alone
The sound of this voice is the soul


And when we set to sea
We sing and dance
And we take on the surf
Big and tall
Crest to crest
Foam to foam

And when we come to land
We sing and dance
And light a fire up on the beach
Like a smile shining in the moonlight
Without a care
No cares

(Chorus 5x)

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