Onyx jewellery is created by a member with a Crafting level of at least 67, by using a furnace while a player has a gold bar and onyx in their inventory, along with the corresponding mould. At current costs, onyx jewellery costs 2,308,702 coins to craft and 3,952 coins to enchant, or 412 coins if using a lava elemental staff.

The jewellery is purely cosmetic until it is enchanted using the Magic skill to cast the Enchant Level 6 Jewellery enchantment spell, which may imbue the item with stat bonuses and/or special functions, such as teleportation. A Magic level of 87 is required to cast the spell. Non-members cannot craft onyx jewellery, nor can they enchant onyx jewellery.


Type Crafting Level Unenchanted GE Price Enchanted GE Price Properties
Ring 67 Onyx ring Onyx ring 1,808,626 Ring of fortune Ring of fortune 2,343,971 Improves loot chances on high-level monsters and bosses.
Necklace 82 Onyx necklace Onyx necklace 458,879 Berserker necklace Berserker necklace 431,080 Increases obsidian weapon melee damage by 5%.
Bracelet 84 Onyx bracelet Onyx bracelet 428,740 Regen bracelet Regen bracelet 120,631 Health recovers 3x faster.
Amulet 90 Onyx amulet Onyx amulet 1,578,637 Amulet of fury Amulet of fury 2,342,764 Gives stat bonuses to player's strength, ranged, magic, and prayer.

Note: Onyx amulets are crafted as unstrung amulets, and must be strung with a ball of wool before they can be worn or enchanted. The in-game name of both strung and unstrung versions is simply "onyx amulet".

Special Types

Onyx ring (i)

In the Mobilising Armies minigame, a player may exchange an onyx ring and 144,100 reward points for an imbued onyx ring (i), which provides stat bonuses. This ring is not tradeable.

Amulet of fury (t)

A trimmed version of the amulet of fury, the amulet of fury (t), is available to be purchased, traded, or earned from hard Treasure Trails. It cannot be crafted by players, and gives slightly better stat bonuses than its untrimmed counterpart.

Amulet of fury (or)

An amulet of fury that has had a Fury ornament kit used on it becomes an Amulet of fury (or). It is not tradeable in this form, however the kit and amulet of fury can be separated. The amulet is functionally equivalent to the standard amulet of fury.

Blood amulet of fury

An amulet of fury becomes a blood amulet of fury when combined with a blood necklace shard. The two cannot be separated, and the amulet cannot be traded in this form. This amulet offers the same stat bonuses, but also deals 400-600 damage to targets every 15 seconds, and heals the wearer by the same amount. This item degrades after 20 hours of combat, but is rechargeable.

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