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Oo'glog is an Ogress city and spa that plays an important part in the As a First Resort quest. The bank and shops are not available until starting the quest, and the spas, which are the main attraction of the city, are a reward after completing the quest.

Oo'glog lies just south of the Feldip Hunter area, a popular destination for hunters and explorers alike. The most common travel hub near Oo'glog is Yanille, which lies beyond the ogre capital of Gu'Tanoth, the dangerous Feldip Hills, and the jungle itself. The sea borders the eastern edge of Oo'glog and the jungle to the west, while the area to the south is, as of yet, inaccessible.


Oo'glog entrance

The entrance to Oo'glog

The quickest way to reach Oo'glog is to use the Oo'glog lodestone to arrive north outside it's walls or using the 'Chipped' Camelot teleport after Evil Dave's Big Day Out to reach Catherby docks and arrive directly inside via Charter ship, the latter method requiring completion of As a First Resort.

The charter trip costs up to 5,000 coins depending upon the port of departure. The price can be halved twice if the player has done the Cabin Fever quest and is wearing a Ring of charos (a).

Players with 39 Hunter and Volcanic trapper outfit may use the bird snaring option to teleport to Wimpy bird hunting area, just outside the entrance of Oo'glog.

The Eagle transport system can be used to reach the jungle hunter area. Players with 29 Agility may also use the shortcut above the Mud bath to avoid the various aggressive creatures near the west entrance.

Another way for players with 57 Summoning is using a Spirit Larupia to teleport to the Feldip Hills hunter area just north of Oo'glog.

Another method is to use a Spirit tree, a Ring of duelling, or the Mobilising Armies Teleport in the regular spellbook to teleport to Mobilising Armies Command centre and run to Oo'glog from there. There are many medium-level monsters between the centre and Oo'glog, but Protect from Melee can be used to avoid all damage with prayer points then being recharged at the spa's sulphur spring.


Spa facilities

Main article: Spa

There are several spas or baths in Oo'glog. From west to east, these are:

Spa Picture Examine Messages
Bandos pool Bandos pool Strange, copper-infused waters. You jump into the copper infused waters.
You feel the favour of Bandos wash over you.
The Bandos pool will mark players as followers of Bandos and none of his followers will attack them in God Wars Dungeon. The effect lasts for one hour. See also: God wars dungeon.
Sulphur spring Sulphur spring Smells like rotten eggs. You jump into the bubbling, sulphurous waters.
You feel serene after your rest. Your Prayer points have been restored.
The sulphur spring temporarily boosts Prayer by about 10% of a player's level as it restores Prayer points. This was the highest Prayer bonus given by any altar in RuneScape, but was surpassed in December 2009 by the Senntisten Altar.
Salt-water spring Salt-water spring Bubbling water and salt of the earth. You jump into the limpid, salty waters.
You feel energised and hastened after your relaxing soak.
The salt-water spring allows for unlimited run energy by restoring run energy to 100% every second or so for a limited amount of time. Players get an in-game message that the effect has worn off. It will last approximately 10 to 25 minutes, possibly depending on the player's agility level.
This bath is quite useful for any extended run errands such as doing Treasure Trails, Farming runs, Runecrafting, All Fired Up, Blast Furnace, Penguin/Star hunting as well as several quests. It also allows you to run in the Ice Path, where you normally cannot. For example, a player with a prepared inventory can teleport to Edgeville immediately after exiting pool and run 10-15 abyss trips or more before the effect wears off. It is also very helpful for the Familiarisation Distraction and Diversion, where the unlimited run energy makes it almost impossible to be caught by opposing familiars. The effects of the spring are still active after death.
Thermal bath Thermal bath Ever been in hot water before? You jump into the warm, relaxing thermal bath.
You feel restored and invigorated.
The thermal bath heals the player, cures poison, and applies poison immunity for around 14 minutes. For one hour, the bath boosts the player's maximum life points cap by +3 per Constitution level, for a maximum of +297 at level 99. This stacks additively with the life point boosts from bonfires, Fortitude, and life point boosting equipment.
Mud bath Mud bath Mud, mud, glorious mud. You jump into the pit of thick, squelching mud.

After a bath in such luxuriant mud, you feel your Hunter skills are extra keen.

The mud bath boosts players' Hunter level by 10% rounded down (making +4 the minimum for players with the minimum hunter level), making them more likely to catch hunter creatures. This boost will not stack with the boost from drinking a Hunter potion. The bath also temporarily removes the players' scent whilst hunting, therefore not needing to remove their scent from traps by using a lit torch.

Temporary effects wear off over the course of a few minutes, but these often last long enough to give the player significant advantages for a while. Players may use the spas even if they have familiars summoned. When the player enters the spa, the familiar goes to the spiritual plane but returns immediately when the player leaves the spa. However pets are forbidden. Attempting to enter the spa with a pet summoned will result in dialogue from one the city's inhabitants telling you it isn't allowed, and a pop up message instructing you to dismiss it first.

The ogre flask allows player to hold a single dose of one of the spa's waters to be used elsewhere in a pinch.


There is a bank in the central area of the city. The bank is rarely used due to the fact that the Mobilising Armies bank is much more easily accessible, as it doesn't have a quest requirement and is much quicker to access through the duelling ring or spirit tree teleport. However, many players may still store items gained from Hunting due to the nearby hunting grounds, therefore making it an alternative to banks at Yanille or Castle Wars. The bank is usable just after starting the As a First Resort quest.


There are three shops in Oo'glog. The shops are usable after completing the As a First Resort quest.

General store

Main article: Gift Shop

The general store sells ogre clothing. Frawd the store keeper will also make players Davy kebbit hats.

Meat shop

Main article: Fresh Meat

The owner of the shop, Chargurr sells both cooked and raw meat.


There is a salon where players may speak to Kringk for an ogre wig which costs 50 coins, or get a "facial" from Muggh (actually a lump of mud applied to your face that occupies the helmet slot).

The facial looks like a large hand print over your face, and crumbles away when removed.

Ogre Hairdressers

The Salon's Exquisite hairdressing machines



There are eucalyptus and achey trees to the west of the city. Travel north of the west entrance of the city to reach the area. This area is the only area so far in RuneScape to have eucalyptus trees.

Red Sandstone mining rock

Though not within Oo'glog, a red sandstone rock is just north of Oo'glog. This is located northeast of the thermal spa and northwest of both the mud bath and the level 29 agility shortcut (rock passage). To mine it, you need level 81 Mining (you do not need to do the As a First Resort quest in order to mine red sandstone). Mining red sandstone yields 70 mining experience per rock. Only 50 red sandstone can be mined per day at this location.

Potion flasks

A potion flask is a container that can hold 6 doses of a potion, two more than a vial.

A Robust glass machine can be found in the city after completion of As a First Resort, with the dwarf Rutmir Arnhold next to the machine. Players must first ask for permission in order to use the machine. While a second machine can be found in the Ithell district of Prifddinas, it also requires the completion of Plague's End (along with As a First Resort) in order to use.

Flask Decanting

With completion of As a First Resort, the dwarf Teplin Macagan can be found outside the bank, offering flask decanting services. He does not charge for his services; players just need to have flasks ready if they wish to decant from flask to flask or potion to flask.

Hunter facilities

Near the southern wall of the city several animals can be hunted for:

Chief Tess states that as they have been living in the area for ages, the animals are wary of any traps that are placed, and that in order to hunt them, they must be lured to them with their favorite smell from a specific flower. Each animal is attracted to a specific smell, and will turn "aggressive" if the wrong smell is used, at which they damage the player for small damage instead. There are various flowers unique to the area which can be picked around the city.



  • Hot 'n' Bothered - Main music in Oo'glog before and during the beginning of As a First Resort
  • Shaping Up - Main music in Oo'glog about midway through As a First Resort
  • Spa Bizarre - Main music in Oo'glog after completing As a First Resort
  • Bish Bash Bosh - Jungle area west of Oo'glog.


  • Though in the real world there is no universally accepted plural for platypus, in RuneScape they are called platypodes.
  • Oo'glog was featured in the 2009 April Fools event where a person had to kick a cabbage from the farm near Draynor Village to Oo'glog, to be greeted by Brassica Prime, the little-known cabbage god.
  • When looking up the unlock hint for the music track 'Bish Bash Bosh', it says "This music was unlocked during As a First Resort." even though some players might have gone to the forests west of Oo'glog and not started As a First Resort.
  • Prior to an update in 2009, familiars were not allowed in the spas, and the city's inhabitants would prevent a player from entering a spa while a familiar was present. This still happens with pets.
  • The Coinshare, World Map and Tutorial update introduced a bug in which a player would become stuck in the Oo'glog pools without having any way of getting out. This was fixed the same day.
  • The glorious mud found in the salon, along with its examine, is a reference to "The Hippopotamus Song."
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