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Operate was significantly altered after an update.
This article is retained to provide information on past elements of RuneScape.

Operate is an action used on items. The operate function is only usable on an item that is equipped.

Operate usually only works on items that are either enchanted, non-tradeable or quest-related like the following:

What it works on

Enchanted items Non-tradeable items Quest-related Special items
Combat bracelet Explorer's ring Reindeer hat Cape of accomplishment
Amulet of glory Ava's accumulator Chocatrice cape Skull sceptre
Games necklace Karamja gloves Broomstick Chocatrice cape
Ring of duelling Falador shield


The action 'Operate' still exists on some items, but some have been changed from rub or operate to something more specific. Take, for example, an Amulet of glory. When right clicking the amulet, while being equipped, it lists the destinations instead of the usual "operate". It would also be possible to right-click any other worn equipment, such as a platebody, you would receive the message: "You can't operate that."

Also, if you wear something with way to operate(for an example, golden hammer), then switch something for it's spot and right click and select something you could have done with previously worn item, there appears text: "There is no way to operate that item."


In certain quests and occasions, you may have to operate a machine or sceneric tool. E.g. in 2008's Easter event when you had to operate the incubator.