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Options is a screen which allows players to change various in-game settings, such as graphical, volume and screen settings and many others.
Options menu

The options menu.

Graphics options

Main article: Graphics settings
Settings (Graphics) interface

Custom graphics options interface

Graphic settings lets player to choose preferable and best setup to play RuneScape with.

Manual Setup

The current options for manual setup are:

  • Min
  • Low
  • Mid
  • High
  • Custom

The first 4 options are presets of the graphical display options. The custom option allows further manually to fill in the desired selections.

Screen Sizing

The screen size may be adjusted as follows:

  • Resizeable
  • Fixed
  • Fullscreen - This display can be gained by becoming a member.

Custom Options

  • Display Mode DirectX/OpenGL
  • CPU usage: Maximum/High/Normal/Low/Very low
  • Remove roofs: Always/Selectively/All
  • Idle animations: All/Many/Few
  • Scenery shadows: Dynamic/Static/None
  • Lighting detail: High/Low
  • Water detail: High/Low
  • Anti-aliasing: 4x/2x/None
  • Particles: High/Medium/Low
  • Max screen size: Any/1024x768/800x600
  • Brightness: A slider control to adjust between four brightness levels within the game screen from darkest, on the left, to lightest, on the right.
  • Ground decoration: On/Off
  • Flickering effects: On/Off
  • Character shadows: On/Off
  • Fog: On/Off
  • Custom cursors: On/Off
  • Ground blending: On/Off
  • Textures: On/Off
  • Skyboxes: On/Off
  • Mouseover text On/Off
  • Bloom: On/Off

Audio options

Settings (Audio) interface

The "Audio Options" selections.

The audio options can be set from the options screen in the lobby or in-game.

What can I change?

  • Music Volume: Changes the volume of the in-game Music Player.
  • Sound Effects: Changes the volume of in-game sound effects, such as fighting or skilling sounds.
  • Ambient Sounds: Changes the volume of surrounding area sounds. These include surrounding scenery sounds such as the ones in Lumbridge Swamp and Falador Farm with its surrounding areas or other player actions (teleporting, fighting etc).
  • Voice Over: Changes the volume of voice-over whilst having conversation.
  • Mono/Stereo: Switches between mono and stereo sound.
  • Global Mute: Turns all in-game audio on or off.


These options can be found under Gameplay options tab in Settings.

Action bar settings interface

Action Bar Settings

  • Gameplay Settings
  • Loot Settings
  • Death's Store Settings
  • Player Owned House Settings
  • Action Bar Settings
  • Doomsayer Warning Settings
  • Miscellaneous Settings
  • Aid Settings
  • Chat Settings

Historical buttons:

House options

The house options screen.


These are the options allowed for controls and their defaults


Move Camera Up (Primary) Up Arrow Move Camera Up W
Move Camera Down (Primary) Down Arrow Move Camera Down S
Move Camera Left (Primary) Left Arrow Move Camera Left A
Move Camera Right (Primary) Right Arrow Move Camera Right D
Zoom In Page Up Zoom Out Page Down

Keyboard Sensitivity

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical

Mouse Sensitivity

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Lock Zoom
  • Camera Type: Classic/RS3
    • Note: Classic camera follows the player exactly, whereas RS3 camera follows a delayed path based on averaged motion.

Action Bar

Action Bar Slot 1 1 Action Bar Slot 8 8
Action Bar Slot 2 2 Action Bar Slot 9 9
Action Bar Slot 3 3 Action Bar Slot 10 0
Action Bar Slot 4 4 Action Bar Slot 11 -
Action Bar Slot 5 5 Action Bar Slot 12 =
Action Bar Slot 6 6 Action Bar Slot 13
Action Bar Slot 7 7 Action Bar Slot 14
Previous Action Bar Shift + Q Next Action Bar Shift + E
Action Bar 1 Shift + 1 Action Bar 6
Action Bar 2 Shift + 2 Action Bar 7
Action Bar 3 Shift + 3 Action Bar 8
Action Bar 4 Shift + 4 Action Bar 9
Action Bar 5 Shift + 5 Action Bar 10
Sheathe/Unsheathe Weapon * Quick Heal
Quick Prayer Familiar Action
Auto-Retaliate Special Attack
Action Button

Windows And Navigation

Settings Menu Esc Hero F1
Gear F2 Adventures F3
Powers F4 Community F5
Upgrades & Extras F6 RS3 Helper F7
Lock Interface Customisation L Toggle Run R
Open World Map M Open Home Teleport T
Previous Home Teleport Ctrl + T Skills H
Active Task J Backpack B
Worn Equipment N Prayer Abilities P
Magic Abilities U Melee Abilities I
Ranged Abilities O Defence Abilities K
Emotes Music Player
Notes Friends
Friends Chat Info Clan
Group Members G All Chat
Private Chat Friends Chat
Clan Chat Guest Clan Chat
Trade and Assistance Group Chat
Open World Select


Global Mute Ctrl + G Music Mute
Sound Effects Mute Ambient Sounds Mute
Voice Mute

Restore default keybinds icon

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