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The orb of counting is an item that can be bought from Faruq's Tools for Games in Al Kharid. The orb of counting is used to count the number of red and blue voting hats your friends chat members are wearing. The two options are nearby-count and world-count. By initiating a count, any players nearby the initiating player (or on the same world as the initiating player, if world-count is used) will receive a message saying that the player is calling a vote. The results will list to whoever was included in the vote how many of each colour hat is being worn, which colour is the winner, the number of friends chat members not wearing a hat, the number of chat members not in range, and the number of chat members not in the same world.

This orb is often used to quickly count the number of people in a friends chat without manually counting, as well as seeing how many friends chat members are out of range.


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