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The orb of oculus is an item which allows players to have total control over the camera, an ability which is useful for video makers. It was intended to be used for the second RuneScape Machinima contest and was announced in the developers blog, Machinima: The Orb of Oculus. If a player talks to an estate agent whilst wielding the orb, and asks to have their player-owned house redecorated, it gives the option of having a blue or green coloured grounds. Wielding this is required to build a combat dummy in a formal garden.

Right-clicking the world map button and selecting "Freecam" allows players to control the camera in the same manner.

Combat Stats
RequirementsOrb of oculus equipped
None2h slot
NonePrevents attack
Average (3.6s)
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses


It may be purchased from Faruq's Tools for Games in Al Kharid for 20 coins, taken for free from Ophelia in a clan theatre, obtained from Aubury in New Varrock or, if they choose to do so, can be received from a Jagex Moderator, if nearby to them.


Mod Fnord stated that although the orb gives players complete control over the camera, including recording into the next room and performing close-ups, it will not be able to record video files, so players will still need a screen capture programme to do this. He also confirmed that players will not be able to control themselves while using the orb, as controlling a player and the camera at the same time generated problems.[1]

Mod Fnord further stated that the orb will be available from Faruq in Al Kharid for a "very low" price.

During a Q&A session Mod MMG announced that the orb would be released the week of 31 January 2010. Mod Hohbein also confirmed this.

The Orb of Oculus is the start of this. It’s an in-game item that we are about to release that can be used to set up some exciting and dynamic shots for your own RuneScape machinima. You will have total control over the camera and can make it maneuver and pan as you see fit. You will have the power to set up your shots, direct your friends and keep them in frame, and make the film you want to make.

The orb of oculus is designed to help making RuneScape YouTube videos more creative and fun:

Everyone loves a good YouTube video, right? Well, following the success of our last machinima competition it's fair to say many people love to make them too. To that end, we will be launching the orb of oculus camera tool next week to allow even more creativity for RuneScape filmmakers, which should come in handy for those looking to enter the competition!
— Mod Hohbein


Orb controls

The controls help interface which shows up after gazing into the orb.

The orb can be used while in the player's inventory or while equipped by selecting the "Gaze into" option or "Selfie". This will replace the user interfaces with minimal dialogue with minimal user interfaces and only the surrounding area. A guide will appear on the right of the screen showing the keys to control the orb and in the chat window in the bottom left.

The orb can be interchangeably controlled with a mouse and keyboard, or if using the NXT client, XInput-compatible controllers (Xbox 360/One and similar). However the Selfie mode only accepts input from the mouse and keyboard and is limited in how far the camera can pan from the player.

Key Effect
Left stick
Move the camera forward, backwards, strafe left, or strafe right, respectively. Maximum movement speed is set by a slider at the bottom of the help window; using the stick has the actual speed scaled to that maximum based on how far it is moved from neutral.
Right triggerLeft trigger
Move the camera up or down, respectively.
Middle mouse (hold)

Right stick
Rotate the camera by holding the middle middle mouse button/mouse wheel down and dragging with the mouse. Alternatively use the arrow keys or right stick. Maximum rotation speed is set by a slider at the bottom of the help window; using the mouse (or stick) has the actual speed scaled to that maximum based on how fast the mouse (or how far the stick) is moved.
Back button/View button
Exit the orb and return to normal gameplay.
Left bumper
Toggle the chat window.
Right bumper
Toggle the help window.
(Controller only) X Y Decrease and increase the maximum movement speed, respectively. Alternatively use the mouse to set the slider.
(Controller only) A B Decrease and increase the maximum rotation speed, respectively. Alternatively use the mouse to set the slider.

Note that when the chat window is focused to type into, only a controller can be used to move around.

If the player is attacked the player will exit the orb camera mode and return to normal gameplay. The usage of the orb around aggressive non-player characters might require some form of a safe spot. If it is wielded, it will act as a two-handed item and it is not possible to attack while it is equipped.

Viewing areas

Not only is the orb of oculus used for making videos, but it is also widely used for taking a closer look at areas which players either cannot access, could formerly access but can no longer do so, or ones which are unrelated to the area the player is currently standing in and are only visited via completely different methods. There are many mysterious areas that were found using the orb of oculus, more than 100 to date, see here for a list of known hidden locations. This is because the developers place the locations for the convenience of debugging and content development rather than by their geographic location. Andrew Gower has revealed that he doesn't mind allowing players to view these areas as anything that is kept secret is not put in the game.


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  • On 15 June 2010, the orb of oculus was given more features. This was announced in the Behind the Scenes - June. The orb can now save positions to shift to different positions with less difficulty.
  • On 17 November 2014, the orb was reworked. All the modes were removed for a single mode, and the requirement to equip the orb to look through it was removed.
  • On 15 May 2017, the orb's functionality was added as a right click option on the World Map icon.


Orb of oculos

Concept art of the orb of oculus

  • Oculus is the Latin word for "eye".
  • If players Gaze-Into the orb while inside a POH, some rooms will show up as if in building mode.
  • The orb appears to be held with the same technique as was used with cabbages in the 2009 April Fools, as well as the Stone of Power in the Fist of Guthix minigame.
  • On 22 February, 2010 the orb was updated, making the movement much smoother.
  • Although it is sold at Faruq's stall, there is no page in the Faruq's Toolonomicon about it.
  • The orb of oculus is one of the few items that can be taken into Daemonheim, so video makers can make a video in a dungeon. It can be sold to the Smuggler for 6 coins. Some players also find it useful to bring the orb of Oculus while Dungeoneering, as players can view parts of the dungeon that are difficult to see normally, such as maze puzzles, and to see which doors need which keys from afar. Warning: the orb will be deleted at the end of a dungeon.
    • Players will be prevented from attempting to bring more than one inside however.
  • This item can be used to see into places players cannot yet go.
  • There appears to be a glitch when attempting several agility obstacles while holding orb of oculus, one of such attempting to click on the rocks on Al Kharid Mining Area.
  • When used on the Clan Citadel dance floor, the user will dance without holding the orb- even in gaze mode.
  • On 22 March 2013 gazing into the orb produced a black screen. This was "Fixed" on 25 March by making a message appear when attempting to gaze into the orb, reading "This doesn't work at the moment. Sorry."
  • When gazing into the orb, players can go as far as their currently chosen viewing distance, but can raise the camera as high as they wish.
  • On 18 April 2016, along with the release of NXT, the orb was given the ability to be controlled by Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers as well as expanding the viewing distance from 20 - 22 squares away to however far the currently chosen viewing distance was.
  • If players hold the orb, they will appear to be standing, walking and running in Legacy mode style even if they don't use it.


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