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The orb of pure anima is a rare, untradeable reward that a player may receive after successfully defeating Telos, the Warden. Players will always receive the orbs in a set order (pure, volcanic, and corrupted) to prevent excess components.

Once obtained, it may be used in conjunction with the other orbs in order to transform a dormant Seren godbow, a dormant Staff of Sliske, or a dormant Zaros godsword into their usable, charged variants.

The value of each orb is 322,570,320 coins when creating a Zaros godsword, 303,708,778.33 coins when creating a Seren godbow, and 260,730,418.67 coins when creating a Staff of Sliske.


Item Skill Materials

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Telos, the Warden20001Varies