This article is about the NPCs that appear in the Fairy Tale quest series. For the monster, see Ork.
Ork chathead
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Ork chathead (v2)

{{Expansion depth limit exceeded|name = Ork |image = Ork |release = 11 July 2006 |update = Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen |race = Ork |members = Yes |quest = Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen, Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift |location = Zanaris |shop = No |gender = Male |map = no

|examine = Ugly, fierce, and with a bad attitude.}}

Orks are stocky, green-skinned humanoids. They have small tusks protruding from their jaws, and prefer to wield large axes and/or maces.

Orks appear at a certain point in Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen. The Fairy Godfather is trying to replace the Fairy Queen and the fairies with Orks. These Orks have no shown level, and cannot be attacked. They can be talked to, but all they say is "Grunt! Smelly, stinky human! Urgh! Leave us alone before we hurt you."

Dev blog orks

Concept art of orks.

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