Orks Rift is a location where the Battle at Orks Rift occurred during Fairytale III - Battle at Orks Rift. After completion of the quest, level 82 cursed Ivory statues reside here.

Fairy ring code

  • You must enter: BIR, DIP, CLR, ALP in that order or use the automatic fairy ring log after having unlocked it.

The battle

Orks Rift before explosion

Orks Rift before the explosion, with some nice fairy trees.

In the year 169, the Battle at Orks Rift occurred here, between the Fairies of Zanaris and Fairy Godfather and his Ork army. With the help of Ivory statues, the player managed to win the battle and banish the Godfather in the rift he had created to summon new orks. However, this caused an explosion which destroyed the area and caused the Ivory statues to be cursed, attacking the fairies. But the fairies quickly teleport back to Zanaris with you along. Currently, Cursed Ivory clones of the Orks that aided you in Fairy Tale Part III reside here in clusters, one of each combat style.


Dwarf multicannon can be used here and is effective.

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