Orlando Smith chathead
Orlando Smith (zombie) chathead

Orlando Smith is a natural historian found on the basement floor of the Varrock Museum. He asks you to go around and look at the plaques on all of the museum exhibits. Once you finish, you will receive 1,000 Slayer and Hunter experience. This is the small Natural history quiz to test your knowledge on the creatures in RuneScape.

One of the hard Varrock Tasks is speak to Orlando Smith after completing 153 kudos.

He can also be found at the archaeological dig near the Legends' Guild. When asked, he'll tell the player some information about Guthix. This is the start point of the quest The World Wakes. Frustrated with his lack of advancement in the museum, he sets out to explore the dig site, looking for treasure to take back to the museum. Shortly into the venture however, he is mistaken for a Mahjarrat and killed by automatons.

He is replaced by Mark Brodie at the Varrock Museum.

In Dimension of Disaster, his New Varrock zombie counterpart can be found inside Varrock Museum, and is the start point of Dimension of Disaster: Shield of Arrav. In the quest, he asks players to help him out by returning it to the museum. He also plays a small role in Dimension of Disaster: Curse of Arrav, and must be distracted by using the statue of Loarnab.


  • Like Anna Jones and Asgarnia Smith, his name is a play on Indiana Jones, the name of the protagonist from the Indiana Jones movie series. Just like "Indiana Jones", Orlando has a sophisticated first name that is also the name of a location in the USA, and a simple, more generic last name. After a graphical update, he heavily resembles the character as well.
  • When Orlando Smith is killed by the automatons, his death animation is similar to a player's if they die by Magic.
  • His hat is an acquirable item.
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