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An ornate bowl is used in the Tears of Guthix Distraction and Diversion to collect tears at a higher experience rate. It can be made by using a chisel on a larger rock, requiring 80 Mining and 80 Crafting. These cannot be assisted or boosted.

The ornate bowl grants up to 300 experience per tear, up from 180 with a stone bowl. It raises the level cap for experience calculation from 30 to 50; therefore, it has no benefit if your lowest skill is at or below 30.

Creating the ornate bowl is a requirement for the master quest cape.

A player holding the ornate bowl.

Making the Bowl

Speak to Juna to unlock the ability to make the bowl. If you have completed The Chosen Commander since your last visit to the Tears, you will have to go through some dialogue before Juna will inform you of how to craft the bowl. Use a sapphire lantern on one of the light creatures to pass across the chasm and mine one of the magic stone rocks. Craft the larger rock into an ornate stone bowl. After making the bowl, go east and jump across the gap, then go north to speak to Juna. She will keep the bowl for you to use to collect the tears.