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Ouhai will appear if players talk to a monkey on Ape Atoll while in human form. He may appear along with one or two Monkey Guards.

He is similar to Padulah except that he cannot be killed normally. If he hits the player, the player will appear in the Ape Atoll prison. Other guards such as Oipuis and Duke can appear in the same way.

An alternative way to kill Ouhai is to have Karam appear after a period of time. This is achieved by walking standing on the trapdoor in the warehouse without a greegree equipped. However, Karam does not always attack Ouhai if an obstacle is in his way and it may be easier to kill Ouhai before reaching the player.

Players could also kill them by getting them stuck over an obstacle. Solihib's hut is perfect for this, as when players talk to Solihib in human form, the guards are often stuck behind a jungle plant, and players could safely kill them with ranged or magic. However, the player should have decent stats and be quick as they disappear after a while.

Monster Examine states that his max hit is 216, however, he does not do any damage when he knocks the player unconscious.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Medium ninja monkey bonesMedium ninja monkey bones1AlwaysNot sold
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