Ourania Teleport
Ourania Teleport icon.png
Release date 18 September 2007 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 71
Spellbook Lunar
Type Teleport
Experience 69
Runes 1Law2Astral6Earth
Quest Lunar Diplomacy
Lunar spells teleport.gif
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Ourania Teleport location.png

Ourania Teleport teleports the player outside of the Ourania Cave and the Ourania Runecrafting Altar. As with all Lunar spells, the quest Lunar Diplomacy must be completed to cast this spell and 71 Magic is required. You must also speak to Baba Yaga with Lunar spells active to unlock the ability to cast this spell.

Casting this spell is required for completion of the Ardougne Tasks.

Unlike most other Lunar teleports, this spell does not have a corresponding tele group spell.

Unlocking the Ourania Teleport is one of the requirements needed to wear both the Master quest cape and the Completionist cape.


6Earth rune.png1Law rune.png2Astral rune.png1,508
Combo runes
1Law rune.png2Astral rune.png6Dust rune.png7,310
1Law rune.png2Astral rune.png6Mud rune.png6,608
1Law rune.png2Astral rune.png6Lava rune.png7,196
1Law rune.png2Astral rune.pngMud battlestaff.png1,400
1Law rune.png2Astral rune.pngStaff of earth.png1,400
1Law rune.png2Astral rune.pngElemental battlestaff.png1,400
6Earth rune.png0.9Law rune.png2Astral rune.pngLaw staff.png1,451
1Law rune.png2Astral rune.pngMystical staff (75).png1,400
1Law rune.png2Astral rune.pngLava battlestaff.png1,400
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