General Graardor

General Graardor, one of the last known living ourgs. The other surviving ourg is Zarador.

Zarador Concept art

Zarador, the second of the last known surviving ourg.

The ourgs were a race of gigantic creatures from Yu'biusk and one of the most powerful races bred by the god Bandos. Ourgs were thought to have died out over the course of numerous wars, until the Temple of Lost Ancients thawed out and one of the two surviving ourgs with it, General Graardor. The other is Zarador, the last descendant of a group of ourg shamans that went into hiding at the end of the God Wars. He became Bandos chief engineer, who led Bandos' followers against Armadyl during Bandos's last war. Both Ourgs eventually played a part in the Kyzaj Tournament, with one hosting and the other one participated in the tournament during The Mighty Fall.

Players can also find Ourg Bones in Zogre coffins, after completion of Zogre Flesh Eaters.

It was discovered that Graardor belongs to the ourg race when Armies of Gielinor was released on FunOrb. In that game, the ourg are one of Bandos's units (Graardor is also Bandos's general in the God Wars Dungeon). General Graardor also appears in the "Guthix Awakens" campaign, as do the previously unknown ourgs Blorgak and Yoykrad.

In the quest The Chosen Commander, three Ourg statues can be found inside Bandos' throne room. One can be attacked after completion of the quest, one is holding the stone bowl in front of the throne and the last is standing next to the throne.

It has also been implied that Slash Bash from Zogre Flesh Eaters was an undead ourg.

CC Ourg Statue

An Ourg statue in Bandos' throne room.

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