Overwatch Mornid chathead
Overwatch Mornid is Vanstrom Klause's successor as the leader of the Vyrewatch.

Little is known about Mornid's origins, although it is known that she was originally a human.[1] She was personally trained by Vanstrom Klause after joining the Vyrewatch. Although she was Vanstrom's apprentice, she was not particularly fond of him, stating that she would have killed Vanstrom herself if the player had not. She also obtained Vanstrom's mansion after his death, where she stashed a set of House Drakan uniforms for the Myreque to blend in. Unlike other vampyres, she does not condone the blood tithing of humans, and would rather live with them peacefully. After Vanstrom's death, she replaced Vanstrom as the leader of the Vyrewatch under the orders of Vanescula Drakan.

Mornid dies

Lowerniel Drakan kills Mornid.

During the The Lord of Vampyrium, she assists in the Myreque's attempt to assassinate Lord Lowerniel Drakan. After failing to defeat him, she is imprisoned, and although she breaks out, is later killed by Lord Drakan by throwing the Sunspear through her chest.


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