Oxfam present detail

The Oxfam present is an item given by Thorvar Crittersmash for each bond donated. The player who first obtains the present from Thorvar will additionally be given an Oxfam present (tradeable), which cannot be opened unless it is given to another player. The player who receives the present from a trade will then have a Oxfam present (received), which can be opened to receive 2 Treasure Hunter keys.

Ironman accounts cannot donate for presents. Attempting to do so would give the message: "I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I cannot accept your donation. Sorry."

Rewards Presents opened
Oxfam Festive Aura bauble Oxfam Festive Aura bauble 1
Key token Key tokens x5 2
[Name] the Festive title 3
Key token Key tokens x5 4
Oxfam Reindeer Antlers 5
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