This article is about an ordinary oyster pearl. For the reward from the Sea Slug quest, see Oyster pearls.

An Oyster pearl is a small, round, milky-coloured semi-precious gem that members can use a chisel on to make 6 pearl bolt tips. They need level 41 Fletching, and gain 3 experience points in doing so[1]. Note that this item looks like an open oyster containing a pearl.

Oyster pearls are perhaps the least preferred method of making bolt tips, as each one takes as long to cut as a gem such as emerald but yields only half the number of tips. They are very poor experience (yielding only 3.8xp for each tip produced and mounted onto an iron bolt), but doing this will produce a profit of around 7gp per bolt, if the bolts and oyster pearls are bought at the Grand Exchange. Mounting pre-cut Pearl bolt tips will yield a profit of around 6gp per bolt, which may be the better option. The time taken to cut a pearl into bolt tips can be vauled at 6 x 10gp (value of bolt tips) - 50gp (cost of oyster) = 10gp.

Players may obtain an oyster pearl by opening an oyster. It may contain a pearl, or it may be an empty oyster, which is useless. Players can catch oysters randomly via the Fishing skill using a big fishing net, if they have at least level 16 Fishing[2]. For example in Catherby. Also, oysters can be a common drop from rock crabs, who frequently drop 1, or possibly 2 when killed.

See also

  • Oyster pearls, a reward from the Sea Slug quest that yields four times as many bolt tips


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