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Oziach is a middle-aged salesman with ties to the Champions' Guild. He lives just north-west of Edgeville and, during Dragon Slayer, informs applicants to the Guild where the three map parts to Crandor can be found. Afterwards, he offers successful applicants access to his Oziach's Armour, where he stocks the rune platebody, blue dragonhide body, and mystic robe top. He is also a good friend of Evil Dave, whom he calls Little David. He appears as a witness in the EVIL DAVE v. The People court case.

He can attach draconic visages to anti-dragon shields to create the dragonfire shield, charging 1,250,000 coins per shield.



  • While interviewing Oziach about Evil Dave's court case, he mentions giant black knights, and Dragon dragons as conspiracy theories.
  • According to Linza he did not expect the player to succeed in slaying Elvarg and was merely trying to get rid of them.[1]
  • He has a gravestone in the New Varrock graveyard that reads "Oziach Fairweather. Buried in full rune armour, as stipulated in his will. Grave has been robbed 137 times and counting."
    • As such, in New Varrock he is a member of the Fairweather family through marriage to Gertrude.


  1. ^ Linza, RuneScape. "Oziach's very annoyed with you. He told you to go kill the dragon of Crandor just to get rid of you. He didn't think you would!"
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