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"PBJ Agent" redirects here. For the polar bear temporarily named "PBJ Agent", see Jim.
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The PBJ (Polar Bears for Justice) is an organisation fighting against the penguins' takeover of Gielinor. They are the main enemy of the penguin organisation known as the KGP. Their known membership consists of polar bears and humans. The PBJ plays a supporting role to the player in the quests Hunt for Red Raktuber, Some Like It Cold and Back to the Freezer.

Notable members

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  • So far the polar bear PBJ agents have been poorly-disguised, in contrast to their well-disguised enemies, the KGP. The player comments on this throughout the quest when trying to talk to Jim (who failed at hiding in a snow bank) before completing Hunt for Red Raktuber and when they first meet Chuck in his poor palm tree disguise, to which Chuck replies "Hmmm... We may need to have a meeting about that."
  • Although the PBJ and the KGP are often close to each other in areas such as the iceberg, penguin-polar bear interaction is rare in real life since they live on opposite sides of Earth.
  • PBJ is a play on the common acronym for peanut butter and jelly, a common American sandwich pairing. This may allude to the CIA, an American intelligence organisation. During the Cold War, the CIA were involved in opposition of their Russian counterparts the KGB, which is similar to the roles played by the PBJ and KGP.
  • During Koschei's Troubles, if the toy ship is submerged into the well with a polar bear in, they will exclaim that you are too old to play with toy ships, to which you will respond that they are too old to play hide and seek.