This article is about the teleport tablet. For the spell, see Paddewwa Teleport.

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The Paddewwa teleport is a tablet version of the Paddewwa Teleport spell. Making them requires unlocking the ability to do so from the Deathmatch reward shop for 300 points. The quest Desert Treasure is required to use this item.


Paddewwa teleport.png Paddewwa teleport
Magic-Make-X GE icon.png
64 XP-? edit
Magic Magic level54
Quests Desert Treasure
Unlock ancient teletabs at the deathmatch reward shop
P2P icon.png Members onlyYes
Soft clay.pngSoft clay1419419
Law rune.pngLaw rune25701,140
Fire rune.pngFire rune1159159
Air rune.pngAir rune19090
Total price1,808


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Paddewwa teleport (Paddewwa teleport.png, Magic, 54) +
{ "product": "Paddewwa teleport", "im{ "product": "Paddewwa teleport", "image": "[[File:Paddewwa teleport.png|link=Paddewwa teleport]]", "mats": [ { "name": "Soft clay", "quantity": "1", "image": "Soft clay.png" },{ "name": "Law rune", "quantity": "2", "image": "Law rune.png" },{ "name": "Fire rune", "quantity": "1", "image": "Fire rune.png" },{ "name": "Air rune", "quantity": "1", "image": "Air rune.png" } ], "skill": "Magic", "level": "54" }3;, "skill": "Magic", "level": "54" } +
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