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Papa Mambo chathead

Papa Mambo is the ex-witch doctor of Shilo Village. He is the head of the Herblore Habitat, which is located just south of the Jade vine maze. He practices necromancy and was banned from the village for it.

He owns and operates Papa Mambo's Shop, which specialises in Herblore items.

Players can reach him either by using a Juju teleport spiritbag, teleport option of the Witchdoctor mask or walking.

He is able to turn special Jadinko fruit into common fruits.

Papa Mambo will also build different types of habitats for you (for a price). These habitats can also be built by the player, but will require a certain construction level, so paying Mambo to do it for you is the easiest route if you can't build it yourself. The vine enclosed area south of Papa Mambo's house is the habitat. It can only be one of the choices at a time, so one should not spend all of his or her gold thinking they are making the habitat better. In fact, one is just changing it from one thing to another (e.g. pond, tall grass, abandoned house, etc.). Each choice of habitat has different things in it, so all the choices will most likely come in handy at some point or another.

Ward off Jadinko

A particular Jadinko type can be warded off from appearing to the player for payment of one Striped vine for each 15 minutes. Papa Mambo asks for the amount of striped vines to be used so it is possible to ward off a particular jadinko for an extended period of time. Typically used to shoo away the Common jadinko.


  • Papa Mambo was the first human NPC with detailed hands and to have fingers.
    • He is one of the only NPCs to have 4 fingers and a thumb; the other being Alice. All others usually have 2 fingers and a thumb, if any at all.
  • "Mambo" is the Haitian Creole name given to Voodoo Priestesses. In Kiswahili it is a colloquial slang for hello (Jambo is hello), roughly translating as "yo".
  • His examine text is based on the 1958 song "Witch Doctor" by Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.
  • Mami Rimba claims to be friend of Papa Mambo, for which mami and papa is a slang for "Mom" and "Dad".
  • His name is a reference to the song Papa loves Mambo.
  • If you enter 5 as the amount of Striped vines to pay him, he will say that it is his favourite number. This is a reference to the song Mambo No. 5.
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