Parroty Pete is an NPC at Ardougne Zoo who cares for the parrots, plays a small role in Eadgar's Ruse and is often seen chatting to Postie Pete, his brother. Postie reveals that Parroty's pay is quite low.

He is suspected to be the brother of Party Pete, in the Falador Party Room. Parroty Pete is apparently also the brother of Prison Pete, Pirate Pete and Postie Pete.


  • When examining him you get "Something is familiar about him"; taking away one "R" and the "O" makes Party Pete, hence the examine info, but Party Pete does not have a beard.
  • "Parroty" could be a joke on Jagex's part. "Parody" along with his examination, could be interpreted that he is a parody of Party Pete.
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