Party pack detail

The party pack is an item available at Solomon's General Store for 9,600 loyalty points. Once bought, it is placed in the player's bank. It can then be placed on the floor, where it will last for an hour before disappearing, or until the next server reset.

Players may then take the following items from it:

Available only to the player who placed the party pack are:

These items cannot be banked or dropped, and upon logging out, they will disappear. With the exception of the cake hat, all items can be reclaimed for as long as the party pack is on the floor.

Some items can be used on other players for unique emotions. The cake hat can be used on another player, however, it can not be reobtained by the original player.

If one player with a glass of bubbly uses it on another player who has one, a "toast" animation will be played. Using a glass of bubbly on a player with a Cake hat will give the option to perform the "Congratulation" animation.

Party Pack Interface

The interface when trying to take items out of the pack.


  • The examine text is a reference to the song "1999" by Prince.
  • you used to be able to buy it for 50 (free) or 45 (memb) runecoins.
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