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Many items and equipment sets have passive effects or set effects, which trigger on their own when equipped. These effects confer a wide variety of benefits, both combat and noncombat. In the case of a passive effect that applies to an equipment set, all items of that set must generally be equipped for the set to activate.

Set effects may also come as or with a set bonus, additional passive effects given for wearing multiple pieces of a set of equipment.

God books

Book Effect
Saradomin's Book of Wisdom.png Saradomin's Book of Wisdom A lightning strike hits the target, dealing 165-275% damage (55-165% in PvP)
Illuminated Book of Wisdom.png Illuminated Book of Wisdom
Zamorak's Book of Chaos.png Zamorak's Book of Chaos A dark explosion hits the target and the surrounding targets in a 3x3 area, dealing 150-250% damage that is split over all targets. Deals 50-150% in PvP.
Illuminated Book of Chaos.png Illuminated Book of Chaos
Guthix's Book of Balance.png Guthix's Book of Balance The sword of edicts falls on the target, then burns and explodes. This deals an initial hit of 90-150%, 3 hits of 7.5-12.5%, and finally a hit of 37.5-62.5% (with the final hit being split in a 3x3 area, if there are multiple targets nearby), for a total of 150-250%.

In PvP, the damage is initially 30-90%, then 3 hits of 2.5-7.5%, and a hit of 12.5-37.5 being split in a 3x3 area should there be multiple targets, for a total of 50-150% damage.

Illuminated Book of Balance.png Illuminated Book of Balance
Bandos's Book of War.png Bandos's Book of War A shockwave hits the target, dealing 90-150% damage (30-90% in PvP), and reducing the target's Defence level by 5% + 5 and increasing its affinity values by 3 for 12 seconds.
Illuminated Book of War.png Illuminated Book of War
Armadyl's Book of Law.png Armadyl's Book of Law A brown/blue tornado spins at the target's location, dealing 4 hits of damage in 4 ticks, dealing 30-50%, 30-50%, 60-100%, and 60-100% damage for a total of 180-300% damage. If the target moves from the tornado, the damage is halted.

In PvP, the effect deals 10-30%, 10-30%, 20-60%, and 20-60% damage for a total of 60-180% damage.

Illuminated Book of Law.png Illuminated Book of Law
Ancient Book.png Ancient Book Icicles hit and surround the target, dealing 120-200% damage (40-120% in PvP) and binding the target for 4 seconds.
Illuminated Ancient Book.png Illuminated Ancient Book


Weapon Effect
Armadyl godsword.png Armadyl godsword (passive) 25% chance to raise the wielder's Attack and Strength levels by 1 level, up to a maximum of 10% of the levels, with each successful hit. Does not stack with other boosting effects such as potions.
Golden Armadyl godsword.png Golden Armadyl godsword (passive)
Lucky Armadyl godsword.png Lucky Armadyl godsword (passive)
Saradomin godsword.png Saradomin godsword (passive) 25% chance to restore 3% of maximum life and prayer points with each successful hit.
Golden Saradomin godsword.png Golden Saradomin godsword (passive)
Lucky Saradomin godsword.png Lucky Saradomin godsword (passive)
Zamorak godsword.png Zamorak godsword (passive) 25% chance to briefly stun the target with each successful hit.
Golden Zamorak godsword.png Golden Zamorak godsword (passive)
Lucky Zamorak godsword.png Lucky Zamorak godsword (passive)
Bandos godsword.png Bandos godsword (passive) 25% chance to lower the target's Defence level by 1, down by up to a maximum of 10% of the level, with each successful hit.
Golden Bandos godsword.png Golden Bandos godsword (passive)
Lucky Bandos godsword.png Lucky Bandos godsword (passive)
Superior honourable kyzaj.png Superior kyzaj
Staff of light.png Staff of light Each combat spell cast with the weapon has a 1/8 (12.5%) chance of drawing its power completely from the weapon, negating its rune cost.
Staff of darkness.png Staff of darkness
Abyssal wand.png Abyssal wand
Abyssal orb.png Abyssal orb
Hexhunter bow.png Hexhunter bow Damage is increased by 15% against foes that use Magic.
Silverlight.png Silverlight Deals 125% - 224% damage (150% - 249% with passive upgrade) and gains 20% (30% with upgrade) hit chance against demonic creatures. For auto attacks, it deals 200% instead. (250% upgrade)
Darklight.png Darklight
Holy water.png Holy water Provides a large damage boost against certain demons. Gains 40% (50% with darklight upgrade) hit chance against all demonic creatures.
Mud pie.png Mud pie Drains run energy by 50% when thrown at a player in PvP.
Dragonbane bolt 5.png Bane ammunition Against its intended targets, deals 40% more damage with auto-attacks, 25% more damage with abilities, and gives a flat 30% increase to accuracy.
Ascendri bolts (e) 4.png Ascendri bolts (e) Allows the chance for each auto attack or ability to generate an additional 1% adrenaline.
Bakriminel bolts 5.png Bakriminel bolts One of three effects can be chosen to be activated against players using magic in PvP:
  • A 1/3 chance of slowing the target's casting speed.
  • A 1/4 chance of causing a bleed effect.
  • A 1/3 chance of draining the target's run energy.
Keris.png Keris Grants 33.3% more damage against scarab creatures and kalphites. Also grants 15% (25% with Desert amulet 3 or higher) extra hit chance and a chance to deal 300% damage instead of the usual 33.3% increase.
Balmung.png Balmung(upgraded) Gains 30% (45%) extra hit chance and deals 25% (45%) more damage against dagannoth, or 15% (35%) against Dagannoth Supreme. When using abilities, the damage increase to dagannoth is 12.5% (22.5%) and 7.5% (17.5%) to Dagannoth Supreme.
Wolfbane.png Wolfbane When wielded, the dagger stops the residents of Canifis from morphing into their more powerful Werewolf form.
Attuned crystal weapon seed.png Attuned crystal equipment If wielding attuned crystal equipment on both hands, there is a chance to deal 25% more damage, the chance scaling with agility level, maxing at 12% at level 99.
Strykebow.png Strykebow Stores damage taken and releases it in the form of an extra shot every 5 auto attacks or 15 ability hits (excluding bleed hits) or a mix of both. Stores up to 80,000 damage.
Ripper claw.pngOff-hand ripper claw.png Ripper claw and Off-hand ripper claw Increases damage dealt to the target if they have under 50% of their maximum life points.
Wyvern crossbow.png Wyvern crossbow Can inflict a bleed that strengthens over time.
Camel staff.png Camel staff Reduces the target's hit chance by 5% and can inflict a damage over time effect.


Weapon Effect
Hexhunter bow.png Hexhunter bow Damage is increased by 15% against foes that use Magic.

Armour pieces

Armour Effect
Ring of life.png Ring of life When the user has less than 10% of their life points remaining, they will be teleported to their respawn point, consuming the ring.
Amulet of glory.png Amulet of glory Increases the chance of finding gems while mining, if it has at least one charge. If used with the ring of wealth, the player can receive double gems.
Ferocious ring.png Ferocious ring Increases all hits dealt in Kuradal's Dungeon by 4%, and when the user has less than 10% of their life points remaining, they will be teleported to Kuradal.
Kethsi ring.png Kethsi ring Increases all hits dealt to Metal Dragons in Kuradal's Dungeon by 8%, or by 4% elsewhere.
Leviathan ring.png Leviathan ring(superior) Decreases incoming damage by 50% at a chance of 2% (5%) per each attack received.
Scrimshaw of vampyrism.png Scrimshaw of vampyrism(superior) For every successful melee attack, this scrimshaw absorbs 5% (6.66%) amount of the enemy's health, giving it to the scrimshaw bearer.
Scrimshaw of the elements.png Scrimshaw of the elements(superior) Magic attacks deal 5% (6.66%) extra damage.
Scrimshaw of cruelty.png Scrimshaw of cruelty(superior) Ranged attacks deal 5% (6.66%) extra damage.
Scrimshaw of attack.png Scrimshaw of attack(superior) Increases melee accuracy by 2% (4%).
Scrimshaw of ranging.png Scrimshaw of ranging(superior) Increases ranged accuracy by 2% (4%).
Scrimshaw of magic.png Scrimshaw of magic(superior) Increases magic accuracy by 2% (4%).
Sign of item protection.png Sign of item protection The sign of item protection automatically keeps an additional item when the player dies.
Sign of death.png Sign of death The sign of death resurrects the player after death and provides 15% of their base life points, while inflicting 15% base life points worth of damage to the opponent, to a maximum of 5000. The damage type matches the user's weapon.
Sign of life.png Sign of life The sign of life resurrects the player after death and provides 25% of their base life points.
Arcane spirit shield.png Arcane spirit shield All incoming damage (with sufficient prayer points) will be reduced by 30%. Prayer points will be reduced by 6% of the damage received.
Lucky arcane spirit shield.png Lucky arcane spirit shield
Divine spirit shield.png Divine spirit shield
Lucky divine spirit shield.png Lucky divine spirit shield
Elysian spirit shield.png Elysian spirit shield
Lucky elysian spirit shield.png Lucky elysian spirit shield
Spirit cape.png Spirit cape While worn, the special move cost for combat Summoning familiars is reduced by 20%. This effect can also be added to the Completionist cape.
Fire cape.png Fire cape / TokHaar-Kal / Completionist cape Doubles fire spells damage dealt to Ice strykewyrms. In addition, it also increased melee and ranged damage by +40 and fire spells by +200 per hit.
Black mask.png Black mask Randomly reduces the opponent's defence level, draining one charge. Increases melee accuracy and damage by 12.5% against monsters currently assigned as a slayer task.
Hexcrest.png Hexcrest Increases magic damage and accuracy by 12.5% against monsters currently assigned as a slayer task.
Focus sight.png Focus sight Increases ranged damage and accuracy by 12.5% against monsters currently assigned as a slayer task.
Full slayer helmet.png Full slayer helmet and variants Increases all damage and accuracy dealt to slayer tasks by 12.5%, 13%, 13.5%, 14% or 14.5%, depending on the upgrade tier.
Broodoo shield (blue).png Broodoo shield Randomly reduces the opponent's attack, defence, or strength level, depending on the shield, draining one charge.
Chaos gauntlets.png Chaos gauntlets Increases damage of bolt spells by 10%.
Attuned crystal armour seed.png Attuned crystal armour If wielded with a mainhand attuned crystal weapon, there is a chance of dealing 25% more damage, the damage scaling with agility with a maximum chance of 12% at level 99.
Blood necklace shard.png Blood necklaces Will periodically (every 15 seconds) deal between 200 to 500 damage to the enemy, healing the player by the damage dealt. Has a maximum healing cap of 1200 if it hits enemies adjacent to the main target.
Extreme dominion medallion.png Extreme dominion medallion Grants a universal accuracy buff of 1%.
Amulet of souls.png Amulet of souls It has a passive effect that gives Soul Split a 50% chance to heal 25-50% more. A second passive effect boosts the effectiveness of protection prayers and reflect curses by 10%, effectively making them have a base protection of 60%.
Deathtouch bracelet.png Deathtouch bracelet Has a 20% chance of reflecting 25-50% of received damage back to the attacker.
Ring of death.png Ring of death It has a 50% chance of restoring the wearer adrenaline by 1% for every 1500 of the target's maximum life points when that target dies, to a maximum of 5% adrenaline. If you die with the ring equipped you will be teleported to the last respawn hub visited and not have to pay for your grave, losing 15% of the ring's charges.
Reaper necklace.png Reaper necklace All hits will increase the wearer's hit chance by 0.1% for 55 seconds, stacking up to 30 times.
Asylum surgeon's ring.png Asylum surgeon's ring Has a 10% chance to negate the adrenaline cost from using threshold abilities. Also has a 40% chance of saving 25% of a special attack's original adrenaline cost.
Attacker's insignia.png Attacker's insignia Has a chance to apply a damage-over-time effect on the enemy. Hits 500 four times for a total of 2000 if charged, or 50 four times for a total of 200 if uncharged.
Ring of vigour.png Ring of vigour Usage of ultimate abilities will drain the adrenaline bar to 10% instead of 0%.
Amulet of zealots.png Amulet of zealots Leech curses and prayers that solely boost a single stat will have their attack or defence bonuses increased by 10%. Strength boosts increase flatly by 10%.
Nightmare gauntlets.png Nightmare gauntlets Allows movement while performing the Snipe ability and increases said ability's accuracy by 25%.
Aegis blood essence.png Aegis blood essence Can reduce damage by 5%, or 50% if activated.
Berserk blood essence.png Berserk blood essence Can increase offensive skills by 14%+2 for 4 seconds, or by the same amount for 20 seconds if activated.
Penance blood essence.png Penance blood essence Can increase damage taken by 8%, restoring prayer points by 25% of the extra damage taken. When activated, the next hit within 20 seconds will deal 80% more damage and restore prayer points by 25% of it.
Reflecting blood essence.png Reflecting blood essence Has a chance to give a 6 second buff during which 5% of received damage will be reflected back onto the attacker. If activated, the first hit will have 50% of its damage reflected in addition to applying the 6 second buff.
Tireless blood essence.png Tireless blood essence Has a chance to restore up to 2% adrenaline upon killing a monster with the amount depending on the monster's maximum life points. It will instantly restore 15% adrenaline if activated, sharing a cooldown with Adrenaline potions.
Vampyric blood essence.png Vampyric blood essence Every melee hit the player performs has a chance to heal the player for 2.5% of the damage dealt. When activated, the next melee attack within 20 seconds will heal the player for 25% of the hit.


Item Effect
Blood necklace.png Blood necklace Will periodically (every 15 seconds) deal between 200 to 500 damage to the enemy, healing the player by the damage dealt. Has a maximum healing cap of 1200 if it hits enemies adjacent to the main target.
Ring of kinship (blazer).png Ring of kinship Can apply a 100 damage combust on the target, slow down their attack speed, or increase the player's magical accuracy by up to 50%.
Ring of kinship (sniper).png Ring of kinship Can increase accuracy with bows by up to 20%, reduce the target's defence level by 1 per attack, or increase the player's ranged level by up to 20% for the purposes of calculating damage.
Ring of kinship (tank).png Ring of kinship Can reduce damage by up to 15% if wearing a shield and increase accuracy with one or two-handed weapons by up to 20%.

Armour sets

Fist of Guthix robes

Battle robes

Set Effect
Druidic mage robes Binding spells such as Bind, Snare, and Entangle have a higher chance of hitting the target.
Combat robes There is a 7.5% chance that the robes will supply any mind, chaos, death, or blood runes when casting a combat spell. The chance increases to 20% when used with a staff of light.
Battle robes There is a 12.5% chance that the robes will supply any mind, chaos, death, or blood runes when casting a combat spell. The chance increases to 50% when used with a staff of light.

PvP minigame armour

Set Effect
Hybrid armour +15% damage bonus against other players in PvP minigames with the relevant styles.
Basic decorative equipment +10% damage against other players in Castle Wars.
Detailed decorative equipment +15% damage against other players in Castle Wars, and +10% damage to ballistae and barricades.
Intricate decorative equipment +20% damage against other players in Castle Wars, +10% damage to ballistae and barricades, and immunity to catapult damage.
Profound decorative equipment +25% damage against other players in Castle Wars, +10% damage to ballistae and barricades, and immunity to catapult and ballista damage.

Void Knight equipment

Void Knight equipment set equipped.png

Void Knight equipment has a set effect, directed by the combat class of the worn helmet, that increases the user's damage and accuracy in the chosen style. The set effects do exist after the update of 30 April 2013, although unlike regular offensive gear, the combat bonuses of Void equipment remain invisible.

Power armour offers a larger damage increase than Void and has higher Armour bonuses, but it does not aid accuracy.

Image Helmet Set effect
Void knight melee helm.png Melee sup +3% to accuracy, +5% (+7% sup) to melee damage
Void knight ranger helm.png Ranger sup +3% to accuracy, +5% (+7% sup) to ranged damage
Void knight mage helm.png Mage sup +3% to accuracy, +5% (+7% sup) to magic damage

Obsidian armour

A player wearing obsidian armour with the warrior helm.

Obsidian armour works as standard non-degradable All-classed gear on the surface world, but it degrades and offers special effects in the TzHaar City and its three minigames. It will heavily reduce all damage taken there, including damage from other players (PvP in the Fight Pit). This damage reduction is cumulative of each armour piece, for a reduction of 55% when wearing the entire set and 45% without the kiteshield. One can receive a further 10% reduction by donating TokKul at the Fight Cauldron, which will also reduce the rate of degradation. The effect lasts for 20 minutes, and one may donate thrice to extend the duration to a whole hour.

All pieces of armour have an initial 4000 charges before being completely degraded. They have a chance to lose charge from any hit taken in the TzHaar City.

Area used in Degrade chance
Normal Gielinor surface world 0% with each hit
All TzHaar and TokHaar areas 50% with each hit
TzHaar and TokHaar areas + Tokkul donation 20% with each hit

Crystal armour

Attuned crystal helm chathead.png

As of 5 October 2015, both versions of crystal armour have a variety of set effects.

At 2 pieces worn, damage against Crystal Shapeshifters is increased by 5% for regular version and 10% for attuned version. In addition, attuned crystal weapons passive effect chance is increased by 3% for regular version and 6% for attuned version.

At 3 pieces worn, each hit taken has a chance of activating Tarddian Fury, dealing damage to the attacker. The chance is increased per piece worn, to a maximum of 5% for regular and 7.5% for attuned. This ability has a cooldown of 3 seconds between activations. The damage is based on both ability damage and Agility level and is equal to (Ability damage * Agility level) / 300

At 4 pieces worn, whenever Tarddian Fury activates, it removes stuns and bleeds.

At 5 pieces worn, each hit taken or each skilling Seren spell cast has a chance trigger Harmonious Resonance for 10 seconds. This increases Crystal Mask duration by 1 minute, Crystallise duration by 15 seconds, removes prayer drain from Seren prayers and causes aurora spells to trigger their effects twice per activation, causing Opal, Emerald and Ruby to provide double timer and stacks respectively. Sapphire Aurora is not affected. This effect is exclusive to the Attuned Crystal armour.

The armour also increase the maximum amount of tarddian crystals and crystal fragments obtained by 1 per piece. It also increases the chance of obtaining the Ancient elven wedding ring. The more pieces worn, the higher the chance, with attuned armour being doubly effective.


Main article: Scrimshaw

Providing a wide variety of effects, scrimshaws provide both combat and skill effects.


Main article: Sign

Like Scrimshaws, signs provide a variety of effects, both combat and non.

Miscellaneous effects

Set Effect
Citharede robes Restores prayer points while listening to a musician at a rate of 150 prayer points every 3 seconds.
Penance armour Restores 30 prayer points per minute.


Main article: Perks

The Invention skill allows players to add specific perks, or effects, onto their Augmented equipment.

Set effects

Main article: Set bonus

Set effects are extra bonuses conferred for wearing an entire set.

God Wars Dungeon protection

Many pieces of equipment affiliated with the gods Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl, Bandos, and Zaros provide a passive effect that prevents followers of that particular faction from being aggressive within the God Wars Dungeon. This effect does not apply to the bosses or to their bodyguards. In the case of Zarosian items, the protection is applied to all four factions, but it will not protect from Zarosian followers in the Ancient Prison, except for the Shard of Zaros.