Patch protection scroll detail

The patch protection scroll is a possible reward from Livid Farm for 37,000 produce points for the Protect a patch for me! wish. The scroll takes a minimum of two hours to obtain. The scroll will protect a single tree or fruit tree patch while it has a plant growing in it and cannot be diseased. Players may only use one scroll at a time, but it protects 10 of the same type of tree when the appropriate produce to protect it is also in the player's inventory.

Currently, with all activities performed in Livid Farm, it costs 1,265,280 coins while using a mud staff. The cost to protect 10 Yew trees would be 552,300 coins for 100 cactus spines. In this example, only 10 cactus spines would be required to protect the current and nine more yew trees in the same patch.

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