Release date 22 January 2008 (Update)
Hunter level 66
Experience 400
Location Isafdar
Trap Box trap
Preferred bait Papaya - Required
Retaliation No
Loot Raw pawya meat 100%, Bones 100%, sometimes Papaya tree seed
Examine What a strange little creature.
Something has attacked this.
Pawya icon

Pawya are small burrowing creatures that can be captured by players with a Hunter level of 66, gaining 400 experience per pawya, or 500 if using protean traps. You can find them in Isafdar, but players that have 95 Dungeoneering and access to Prifddinas can also access the Gorajo resource dungeon, where pawyas and grenwalls spawn in a relatively small area. The bait, a papaya, is required in order to catch these creatures in a box trap, but using protean traps bypasses this requirement.

When caught, the pawya will yield raw pawya meat and bones (Pawya meat being the bait required for trapping grenwalls). The papaya bait will be consumed when a trap fails to catch a pawya, but it can rarely be recovered on a successful catch. Also, a papaya seed can occasionally be gained from catching these creatures. The message "As you empty the trap a papaya seed rolls out. You put it in your inventory" appears in the chatbox when you get a seed. These effects do not occur while using protean traps.

Jagex has stated that due to the magical influence of Isafdar, pawya are not fooled by the use of camouflage gear. It may be a better idea to wear weight-reducing clothing when hunting them because of this.


Plant a papaya fruit tree in Lletya so when you need papaya fruits they are available for free. Players with 69 summoning or above may also use a Fruit bat familiar with fruitfall scrolls to produce papayas. Alternatively, you can buy papaya from the Grand Exchange.

Because they ignore camouflage and require bait, effective catch rates require as much help as possible. Lay as many box traps as you can in a line, smoke all of them, and bait all of them. Afterward, run about 5 squares away so you are the recommended distance the Hunting expert recommends. Once all the traps have collapsed in some form, collect them all and repeat.

It is more convenient to hunt pawyas near the Magic Trees as there are no grenwalls there to kill the pawyas, thus you won't have to wait for a dead pawya to respawn unless you trap one.


  • Pawyas occasionally dig holes and hide underground before emerging. Additionaly, in areas where they are found next to Grenwalls, the Grenwalls attack them from a distance with a strange hissing sound. They then lie dead on the ground for a while until they disappear.
  • Examining a pawya hole does not give an examine text, this has been fixed, now reading "I wonder what's hiding in there."
  • There was a glitch on the first few days after the release of the pawya. A free-to-play character could see it on the Grand Exchange, but when free-to-play players tried to purchase it, the message "This item cannot be bought on the Grand Exchange." appeared.
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