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|[[Image:Neitiznot cooking.jpg]]
|[[Image:Neitiznot cooking.PNG]]
|Fremennick island with clay oven next to the bank
|Fremmenik Island of Neitiznot with clay oven next to the bank.
|you can easily cook at clay oven and then click the one-click bank
|You can easily cook at the clay oven and then click the one-click bank.
|Must require the player to have started [[Fremmenik Isles]].

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Level advancement

This is one way to advance the Cooking skill level.

LevelsItems to makeNotes
1 - 10VariousAt this level, just cook anything readily available. Efficiency is not important because the first 10 levels are quickly gained. Good examples include chicken, meat, bread, shrimp, anchovies, or herring.
10 - 30Assorted FishCook fishes such as trout, cod, pike and salmon. These are easily obtainable with the Fishing skill.
30+TunaRaw tuna can often be found in the Karamja general store on f2p worlds, where banking the tuna is inconvenient. With a small amount of coins, raw tuna can be bought from the shop, cooked, then sold back. Otherwise, fish for raw tuna to cook. Alternatively, players may wish to cook apple pies, although this method may be more time-consuming than tuna.
40+LobstersEither buy raw lobsters from other players, or fish. Players stop burning lobsters at level 74 or level 68 with cooking gauntlets. Cooking lobsters give ~150k exp per hour.
62+Monkfish Either buy raw monkfish from other players or fish them, given that players have completed the Swan Song quest. At level 90 players stop burning monkfish. Cooking monkfish give ~180k exp per hour.
80+SharksEither buy raw sharks from other players, or fish for cooking. Players stop burning sharks at level 94 with cooking gauntlets. Without the cooking gauntlets however, even at level 99, players will still burn sharks. Cooking sharks give ~270k exp per hour.

An alternate method to level

This is an alternate method to level cooking without burning fish, however it will most likely be slower than the method above. It is recommended to use the above method to attain level 50 cooking before beginning.

Image Fish Type Start Level Finishing Level
File:Trout.PNG Trout 50 59
File:Salmon.PNG Salmon 59 69
File:Tuna.PNG Tuna 69 74
File:Lobster.PNG Lobster 74 86
File:Raw swordfish.PNG Swordfish 86 90
File:Raw monkfish.PNG Monkfish 90 99
  • It's not really needed to do Monkfish as Shark are also good experience, but Sharks may be burnt so it's not preferred. Although if wearing Cooking Gauntlets obtained from the Family Crest quest, players can cook Sharks at Level 94 without failure. Though it gives 210 experience each, it is known as one of the more expensive methods.

Another Way To Train Cooking

A great way to train cooking without losing money is this: shrimps to 33, anchovies to 48, then trout to 99. This works because players lose money on the 1000 shrimps needed, but then make that money back with anchovies, then make a 1gp profit with trout. For example, cooked trout sells for 65, and raw trout sells for 592(in gp for both). This allows one to get to 99 cooking without sacrificing their treasury.


Sell and buy, or just trade

Fish play a big role in the cooking market, particularly the high level ones (lobsters, sharks, or monkfish). They make up the bulk of the food market, and with high demands in both raw and cooked forms.

When training on lobsters or sharks, players may wish to use the RuneScape food forum to buy raw fish and sell cooked ones.

Note that buying most fish raw from the Grand Exchange and selling the cooked product in the Grand Exchange is no longer profitable due to many players buying mass amounts of fish to get to 99 Cooking. For many fish there is a significant price difference between cooked and raw fish. If players wish to be profitable, they should sell on-demand - e.g. near Bounty Hunter - when many players are buying small amounts of food at above Grand Exchange prices. This, however, is a slow way to sell food. A way to train cooking and gain a profit would be to make foods containing many steps (e.g. Pineapple pizzas, Tuna potatoes). These foods give much more experience than fish when made from scratch, many cannot be burnt (e.g. Tuna potato - tuna is no longer burnt at level 60 Cooking, potatoes are no longer burnt before that. Level 69 Cooking is required to put the ingredients together, and as it requires no more interaction with a range or fire, cannot be burnt), and can be sold for modest profit in the Grand Exchange. The downside to this method is that takes much longer to prepare the ingredients for combining.

Cost Control

Anchovies are one of the few fish that players can buy raw, sell cooked, and gain profit. This is due to the fact that people buy cooked anchovies to make anchovy pizza, the highest Free-to-Play food. This is also good because it can be cooked at level 5.

Another good way for training cooking for no loss is to buy raw trout. Usually they sell for around 30gp each, and cooked trout sell for around 30gp each too. This is a good way to gain cooking exp without spending lots of money. However, cooked trout takes a very long time to sell because there isn't a very high demand for them.

However, in exchange for the low cost, these methods provide very slow experience rates. At higher levels, players may wish to move on to higher-level foods that give better experience.

All in all, cooking is not a very good money-making skill, and it should be warned that it is not a very useful skill to train unless you are trying to boost your overall skill level for the high scores or get a skillcape.

Cook in the right environment

Some places are more suited for cooking than others. Here are some recommended places.

Location Information Additional information
Edgeville bank File:Edgeville Cookingtraining.png A popular place to train There is a range right by the bank in Doris's house. It is also a popular place to train firemaking, which means that there will be plenty of fires around to cook on if the player wishes for faster runs. (Note: the house that contains the range has a door and a gate that automatically close every 5 minutes or so.)
Lumbridge bank File:Lumbridge Cookingtraining.png A good way for new cookers to start the skill There are 4 log respawn points just outside the bank. Carry a tinderbox when cooking to light the logs. The downside is that players will lose one inventory slot while training. Another option at Lumbridge would be to use the cooking range at the bottom floor of the building. Players can also use the cook's range to reduce the chance of burning food.
Al Kharid bank Al kharid Cookingtraining The best f2p spot to train cooking A range is right by the bank, providing fast runs to and from the bank.
Draynor Village Draynor Cookingtraining This spot is good for cooking fish because of the fishing spot near the bank and many fires. People usually train fire making here because there is a lot of room for starting fires with no interruptions. You can possibly cook on the fires right outside the bank door. In Ned´s house is also a fireplace to cook on. However there aren't any ranges in Draynor Village.
Grand Exchange File:Grandexchange Cookingtraining.png As long as there are players making fires in a world, this makes a very fast and convenient place to cook. The good thing about this spot is that the raw materials (or sell the cooked materials if needed) can be bought there. Players can also bank from a distance while standing next to a fire. Players are recommended to search worlds for fires and try worlds with a high player population, since many players choose to train firemaking at the Grand Exchange.
Barbarian Village fishing spots Barb village Cookingtraining Many players would rather give away or drop salmons and trouts, while doing power fly-fishing. Its a good idea to bring an axe and a tinderbox, or instead cook fish in Barbarian Village, near Peksa's Helmet Shop. This method is 100% free.
Karamja fishing spots Karamja Cookingtraining These are good places to train both cooking and fishing Some things are needed: an axe, fishing equipment (harpoon or lobster cage), and a tinderbox. The reason for an axe and tinderbox is to set a fire to cook the fish. Catch fish, light a fire, and cook the fish. However, in busy worlds there are usually plenty of fires made by other players. Then players don't have to take their own equipment, which will use up 2 more inventory slots. When done cooking players can go to the general store, sell all fish and start over. Alternatively, players can eat fish while fighting nearby monsters, such as on Crandor, and in the Karamja and TzHaar dungeons. With the level 3 Explorer's ring, it is feasible to bank in Draynor, thus making a profit, although this is slower exp and players have to walk back to Karamja.
Members only
Location Information Additional information
Catherby Catherby Cookingtraining Just east of the Catherby bank, very close to each other. This place is frequented often, giving lots of chances for interaction. Also, There are fishing spots in Catherby, so players can fish for lobsters or sharks, or buy them from the people fishing.
Lumbridge File:Lumbridge Cookingtraining.png Good place to cook if players have started the quest Recipe for Disaster The Culinaromancer's Chest in the cellar is a bank and a food store, which can be used in conjunction with the range in the kitchen, which has a lower burn rate than most ranges, however one must have completed the Cook's Assistant quest to use the range but of course, players would have finished Cooks Assistant if they were to start Recipe For Disaster.
The Tree Gnome Stronghold Gnometree Cookingtraining Useful because players can make Gnome Cocktails, Gnome Foods, and various other dishes Hudo and Heckel Funch can supply plenty of cooking ingredients. There is easy access to a bank as well.
The Rogue's Den File:Roguesden Cookingtraining.png One of the more efficient training spots A fire is directly in front of Emerald Benedict, the banker, saving valuable time. It is located under the Burthorpe pub. The fire is everlasting, so there is no need to worry about relighting it, saving inventory space. On the downside, the Rogues Den only has a fire as the means to cook, so it is only usable for cooking fish or meat.
Cooking Guild File:Cooksguild Cookingtraining.png A bank and a range are right by each other A player must be wearing Varrock Armour 3 to use this. In terms of distance from the range to the bank, this spot is the best place to train cooking.
Fishing Guild File:Fishingguild Cookingtraining.png Fish, cook, and bank Players can fish, cook, and bank all in one run. However, it is somewhat a long walk from the range to the bank. Therefore if the player is only looking to train cooking, do not use this spot.
Zanaris Zanaris Cookingtraining A quite nice place to cook in since there's a close bank - no doors and a range Players can also cook pies in here easily since there's a wheat field and a windmill. Sometimes there are extra Zanaris special events but they don't really come between that often. If players've started the quest Fairytale II - Cure a Queen and is able to use the fairy teleportion, they can travel using the code DKR to The Grand Exchange and back to Zanaris.
Nardah Nardah Cookingtraining Quiet desert town with a range by the bank They are at the south of the town, with nothing between them. Players can angle the camera to be in sight of both.
Neitiznot File:Neitiznot cooking.PNG Fremmenik Island of Neitiznot with clay oven next to the bank. You can easily cook at the clay oven and then click the one-click bank. Must require the player to have started Fremmenik Isles.
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